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Why does the government think I don't have insurance when I do?

Asked by Banjo_Pickin_Appalachian_Wizar (1201points) January 22nd, 2016

I turn 26 this month which means I get dropped off my dad’s insurance. So I went onto the government healthcare marketplace to sign up and went through the motions and signed up for United Healthcare for my health and Humana for my dental and paid my first premium for each over a week ago. Well I got an email from the marketplace saying I still have to pay my premiums or else face fines and potentially losing my coverage. I logged into my profile and it says I still haven’t paid. I have my membership cards in my wallet and money missing from my account that went to Humana and UH, but when I follow the link on it brings me right back to the pay first premium page for each of my plans and it would let me do it again if I put in my info. So how do I convince Uncle Sam I’m covered?

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Talk to United and Humana and get a proof of payment to submit.

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This is clearly a case of the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

You’ll probably have to bite the bullet and endure staying on the phone long enough to reach a supervisor with the authority to plow through the bureaucratic mess.

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It’s a computer. Something didn’t sent electronically, maybe because they only update the info twice a month.

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This sounds like a computer glitch.

Get your bank records showing the payment. Call Obama. Boom

OK. Don’t call the President. Check online to see if there’s a phone number for health care. Call that number prepared to spend hours on the phone.

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I would wait a few days or a week before responding unless the e-mail is really scary and see if the payment record goes through. Then call or send a scanned image of your membership cards front and back.

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^^Also send bank records showing the payments.

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You don’t have to convince Uncle Sam of anything until you file your 2016 taxes in 2017.

If you have the United Health card, they are insuring you.

Just pay your premium and they’ll get in sync soon enough.

Don’t spend time on this. Insurance companies and are both big, slow-moving entities and you’ll just aggravate yourself over something they will fix in the next few weeks.

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Don’t worry about it just yet. It may take a while before it is reflected in their system.

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I think it’s a case of computer says no.

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It took them over 2 years to even get the computer program to process applicants in a timely fashion, hurry up and wait about the same amount of time for them to recognize you as actually paid your premiums.

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It took them over 2 years to even get the computer program to process applicants in a timely fashion

It took a couple of months. The site opened in October and sucked badly for a month, but millions of people signed up by January.

hurry up and wait about the same amount of time for them to recognize you as actually paid your premiums.

That isn’t a reasonable or useful statement.

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@jaytkay The second enrollment period at began Saturday, and so far, it’s gone much more smoothly than the start of last year’s first open enrollment, which was full of glitches and saw only a handful of people able to enroll the first day.”

IMO To argue the success or lack thereof of Obamacare is unreasonable or useful. It is an abysmal failure and no amount of lipstick will sell that POS to anyone but the brain dead.

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Thanks for the tips, folks. I’ll probably just wait a few weeks and see if the website syncs up with the reality of my payments!

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The exchange’s computer spews-out all sorts of emails. I’ve never been without health insurance coverage yet, every few days, I get an urgent message telling me that time’s running out, that I have just XX number of days or hours to become compliant, etc. I simply ignore and delete the emails.

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