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What's your favorite official (link included) Crayola Crayon color?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 4th, 2016
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Good god.

I’ll stick with black.

edit: Wait no, white, the most useless of crayola’s!

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Someone is cheating on that wheel. Because one of those “peach”, “apricot” or “gold ochre” colors used to be “flesh”. And I like flesh, no matter what color it is. Just putting that out there.

But my favorite colors are the blues in various shades. I wonder if anyone has ever studied the color preferences of sailors to see if that’s a common preference?

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Raw Umber. Because I liked saying it when I was a kid like saying raw umber.

Brick Red, because you need it to color bricks when drawing a building.

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In the late 80s, early 90s they came out with scented crayons.

Blue was “new car”, white was “rain cloud”, I think. My favorites were green: “cut grass” and black: “leather jacket”

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I just love that crayon sharpener built into the big Crayola box.

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I have to pick 2…Forest Green and Raw Sienna. Drawing and coloring trees my favorite thing to do and used those colors all the time.

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Like Prince said…Purple Reigns.

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Ooooh! So many choices! I’m so confused! Thank goodness they’re “certified non-toxic”.

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Actually I want to change my answer, to the correctly named blellow

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@stanleybmanly “Thank goodness they’re ‘certified non-toxic’.”

Why? Do you eat them?!?! :-)

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@CWOTUS It seems someone eventually noticed certain issues with that name and others, so they renamed Flesh to Peach . They also seem to have changed Indian Red to Chestnut even though Crayola hadn’t intended it to be for ”injun flesh”.

Orange Red was the best red for explosions back in the day, IIRC. Some of the new names are neat, though. I like Neon Carrot, for example.

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None, because I am not 4 years old.

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@Love my doggie Not yet. But isn’t it wonderful that I can? What a wonderful age we live in!

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I always like red orange and orange red. Do they still have those two colors? Forever it seemed like they were named the reverse of what they are.

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Today, it’s purple.

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I was the horse crazy kid and liked all the colors that I could use to draw horses. The shades of brown, grays, black, white, golds. I think somebody should invent Crayons in horse colors only. The horsey box.

There would be…” Palomino”, ” Chestnut”, ” Liver Chestnut”, Percheron Gray” “Blue Roan”, “Red roan”, ” Dun”, “Arabian white”, “Black Stallion black”, “Sorrel” ” Blood Bay”, “Seal brown”, ” Buckskin”, “Cremello”, ” Perlino” and “Gruella”. Hmmmm…maybe I should pitch this idea to Crayola. lol

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@stanleybmanly You, me, and crayons…world domination!!!

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Mine was “Magenta” because I came from a ‘color’ (sewing) family and I distinctly remember magenta being a new word and a new color…both seldom encountered outside the Crayola box.

What the hell did you use on the dark colored construction paper, @XOIIO, of no the white crayon?

“Flesh” was one of my early choices, too, @CWOTUS. A titillating color.
“Flesh” was decidedly paler than “peach” IMO & @Zaku. (Flesh was so wrong! lol)

I was early to words, @zenvelo, and I remember being curious about raw and burnt umber until I was old enough to look umber up.

I missed the scented crayons, @Seek. Good thing “flesh” was gone by then?

Why did you sharpen all those crayons, if you weren’t going to eat them, @Love_my_doggie?
Mom had to know…we had little colored bits on out teeth.

Another uncooked color, @Cruiser.
Can you find the forest, now?

We ate our crayons, @stanleybmanly & @Love_my_doggie. Unshaved, they mostly just stick into your teeth. Shaved, they mostly stick to your teeth. Neither is wholly satisfying, but there was always Elmer’s if you had time to mix and dry.

Blellow was pretty funny, @XOIIO. I’d not seen that episode.

Orange red and red orange rocked, @Zaku & @JLeslie. When I was a kid, red was my favorite color. The orange gave it flare.

Don’t give up, @ragingloli! You could live to see 4 yet.

Is that more of a plumy purple, or more of a fuchsia, @Hawaii_Jake?

Don’t take “Neigh!” for a no, @Coloma!

Elmer’s Glue, @Love_my_doggie. You might need a bottle of Elmer’s, IME.

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Burnt Sienna taste best.

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Haha, the mean man on the computer left me out, he must have big long crayon stuck up his bum bum

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No, sorry, @ucme, it was @stanleybmanly that confused me with the whole non-toxic thing.
Surely you perfer Royal Purple?

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That’s okay old bean & yeah, our staff uniforms are all Royal Purple, brings out the butler’s eyes don’t you know.

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Flesh. I think it was a funny color and rarely used.

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@ibsturbo The “Crayola web site” claims it was changed to Peach. I sent them additional feedback asking, but this is what is says now:

“The Crayola Crayon color name flesh was changed to peach in 1962. Although flesh was included in the original box of 64 Crayola Crayons, we felt it would be insensitive to include it in the commemorative box. Since the crayon color remains unchanged, we felt we were remaining true to history.”

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I’m not doubting it, @Zaku.

After all, I’ve had nearly 50 years to remember the color flesh any way I want to.

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Flesh, the cannibal crayon. lol

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I remember bring a kid and having trouble matching a crayon color to skin color. I also remember the terms black and white for skin color not making much sense to me.

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@Coloma Yep. Certified non-toxic Flesh crayons, yum! Hmm they may be missing a Halloween sales campaign…

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I chose “hot magenta” although it looks like cranberry to me. I have a lot of cranberry colored clothes.

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“Hot magenta” just confused the hell out of me, @Kardamom, and an image search didn’t help much. lol

Magenta, generally, seems a lot ‘pinker’ than what I remember.

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@ibstubro Yeah, “hot magenta” looks more like fuchsia to me.

Oh shit, I mean, err, that pink looks the same as the other pink, who needs different colors of pinks? * murmur murmur manly stuff *

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You were probably thinking of “Stripclub Titty Pink”, @XOIIO.

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