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Nipple changes after breastfeeding?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) February 7th, 2016

Hi All,
Me again with yet another question.
Yes seeing a Dr about this one too.

So I breast fed my daughter till she was 3, she’s 4 in 2 months, and I’ve noticed that now my nipples which were always quite perky now seem to point down – once they feel the cold they are back to perky again, but when relaxed they seem to be sagging.

Never heard of sagging nipples though?!

Has this happened to anyone? I’m assuming it’s from all the sucking – pulling the nipple down etc and they might change once my breasts have time to get muscle again?
Completely made that up but it makes sense as the baby pulls down on the nipple.

I’m worried about breast cancer but both nipples are doing the same thing .. I’ve done a breast self exam and can’t feel anything but that doesn’t mean anything.

I just wondered if other breast feeding mothers experienced something similar?
I have small breasts and my nipples are bigger than before but not by much.

Thanks guys x

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Breastfeeding changes your breasts. No question.

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And nipples too? Droopy nipples!

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Welcome to motherhood.

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I now wear exclusively, lightly padded bras.

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My breasts are the same .. .but my nipples just seem to point out in any direction they please, generallly downwards… ha ha I’ve only breast fed one child!
I’m not that worried about it if it’s purely cosmetic!

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Nipple changes are common after breastfeeding a child, and even just as we age.

Cancer would not likely happen in both breast exactly the same way at the same time. It’s statistically almost impossible.

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Yeah I did start to wonderful that – they both act the same: The nipples.
If I put my hands up they both point down which is a bit alarming – but never really noticed before if that’s what nipples do or not!
Seeing Dr on Thursday so will ask how to do a breast examine as I don’t actually know.

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Color will return to normal after the birth. Your body hyperpigmentates during pregnancy, so everything dark gets darker. Then, once you are no longer pregnant, it stops producing hyperpigmented cells. Now, it will take a little while (like 3 or 4 wks) for those hyperpigmented cells to slough off as dead skin cells, but it happens. They’ll be much lighter in color…your normal color.

Breast size can go back to normal, but make sure you wear a supportive bra during pregnancy and during lactation. Otherwise, the skin will stretch out and you’ll have saggy-boob syndrome. I have been pregnant 4 times in 4 years (lactating most of that time, too) and my boobs went from a solid DD to a K, because I did not wear supportive bras (just leisure bras, most of the time because I was a stay at home mom).

The nipple doesn’t really get longer, physiologically. However, it becomes hypersensitive, which can make it look very longer. Plus, when the baby suckles it, he really goes after it. So it can get kind of stretched. The length of the nipple does nothing for lactation. You should go to some LaLeche League meetings or other breastfeeding meetings in your area to get a feel for what lactation is like. Its not perfect; its different for everyone; and you will feel some discomfort in the beginning. This discomfort is most intense in the first 2–3 wks and comes back a little at growth spurts (when baby nurses more often).

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Hi @jaheen, I’ve actually breast fed her already – I’ve just noticed my nipples don’t stay pointing out like they use too – they actually seem to point slightly down, I’m sure it’s from all the tugging, they definitely look longer too. I’m curious to see if this has happened to others. When I lift my hands above my head both nipples almost point down and I wonder if that’s normal too!
Thanks for your response above.

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I thought i’d post an update in case anyone was wondering the same question : Yes nipples droop! I went to Dr today she did a breast exam, everthing normal and my nipples are drooping as they have lost elasticity or something ;) so yes droopy nipples and boobs! Go getting older!

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