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How many have gotten into the adult coloring books rage?

Asked by MooCows (3185points) February 21st, 2016

The “adult” color books are advertised to help relieve stress
and for some they do. I have always loved coloring and I
do have a few of these books. Now there are so many mediums
people are using besides crayolas,gel pens,sharpies,color
pencils,markers,glitter pens etc. On FB it has gotten to the point that people are showing their finished pages and others are
pointing out errors made and wrong pens used and people are
getting mad! What used to be a way to erase stress is actually causing it.

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They even have apps for that. I started using one but never finished the first pic :)

Before reading your Q, I didn’t think Facebook could get any stupider/useless. But now I know better.

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There’s everywhere. I don’t have any but I’d like to try them out. Probably just with colored pencils to keep it simple.

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Everything old is new again.
I remember this from the 70’s, and the preferred medium then was felt tip and the best patterns were psychedelic. Some had black fuzz.

Now, like then, I suggest you do what you enjoy, and do it simply because you enjoy it.

Competitive adult coloring booking! It’s gotta make you laugh.
Did they run paint-by-numbers in the ground first, or is that the next big wave?

If Facebook could get any stupider/useless…

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I am mildly horrified by this trend. Seriously, the best thing adults can find to occupy their minds is colouring? I mean, at least draw the thing yourself first. Or, you know, learn something instead.

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I hated coloring as a kid.

Once, during a camping trip, I joined a few friends for a “defile this coloring book” session. We turned a book of mermaids into an underwater bondage dungeon.

Other than that, if I’m doing any coloring, it’s on pictures I drew myself.

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Colouring The Joy of Sex books with crayons, “shoot, ah gone done run right outta flesh colour”

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No, no, no @ucme. You don’t get it. This is a consumer trend.
First you have to buy yourself a book:
Although you might enjoy Adult Coloring Books: Swear Word Coloring Book.

Then order yourself some pens, and color away!

Hint: Crayolas flesh = peach

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My aunt is very into them and really enjoyed the ones we got her for Christmas.

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Not me, but I hope this leads businesses to bring out color-it-yourself backpacks in adult sizes.

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Around 2001 I Pirated photoshop and honed my skills from a drunken conversation with my sister. We were drunk and cocaine and she said she liked boobs without nipples.

So I learned about layers and then removing nipples in pornography. Then she got married and asked me to stop emailing her.

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@johnpowell Well, that story is my favourite thing on the internet tonight.

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I haven’t heard of them nor seen them. I loved to color as a kid, and enjoy doing it with kids as an adult (which happens once every 5 years at most if I’m watching them or playing with them) so maybe I would like it. I can’t see buying an actual adult citing book though.

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@ibstubro I imagine those books are popular in congress.

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I have two Spirograph sets. Anyone for wine and doodling?

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@JLeslie: If you go to Amazon and type in “Adult coloring books” you’ll see the variety and the detail. More detailed and interesting than kids’ coloring books.

@MooCows: Any time anybody puts a craft on FB, there are people who will compliment it and there are often a few who have negative things to say. That’s the risk people take when they put their stuff on FB. Not that it’s right, but that seems to be the nature of the internet.

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I was never big on coloring as a kid, either. Do-it-yourself picture books? Meh.

I think we literally wore Spirograph out, though, @cazzie. I know we had more than one. I was most fascinated by that man in the mirror doing my bidding with the Etch-A-Sketch.

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We can’t buy etch a scetch here, but my cousin sent earlier a mini version and my son had it worn out in a matter of weeks.

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No need to be horrified. Coloring (for adults ) has been demonstrated to reduce stress so there is something useful about it :)


No need to spend any money at all if you don’t want to. If I remember correctly, you have an ipad, right?

Anyway, both of you, take a look at this:

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Is there a spirograph app I’m wondering now…

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Yes. For which; IOS or Android?

There’s def. one in the Apple Appstore. I have it on my ipad :)

I’m pretty sure there are several

Yeah, I just checked and there’s at least a dozen in either Appstore or Google Play.

Just put the word spirograph into either search bar and take your pick. Persinally, I like the Mandala ones because they remind me of the 70s as well as the highly skilled Tibetan Sand Art. I once saw a live demo of them doing it at the University of PA. It was on a huge table and took several days.

Then when they were finished the swept it all up. To illustrate impermanence. Fascinating. I guess it’s sort of like some of those elaborate ice sculptures or beach sand castle competitions. A lot of skill. All down the drain in the end :)

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I have a website , like to use for making background patterns. It’s called you can take a template and mess with it and download and they create tiles you can go nuts with. You’re welcome. Evil laugh. It is a huge time sink.

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Never heard of it, but expected it to be uncolored images of sex, not what it actually is. lol

I have an old “Adult Connect the Dots” from the 60’s that’s always been fun. That one is porn.

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Yeah, it sorta looked like this.

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@Esedess hahaha! No! Not colouring in porn. It is loads of fun and there are endless combinations. I even came up with unique colours and was allowed to name them!

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