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How can I get my printer back to printing black?

Asked by Carolgarr77 (1points) July 19th, 2007

I have 2 brand new cartridges both color & black. Somehow I did this on a setting weeks ago & now can't get it back to black. Can you help? thanks.

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I'm guessing that your printer is printing kind of a dark green instead of true black?

There's usually a setting somewhere that says "use black cartridge only", often buried in the Advanced menu.

What printer and OS are you using, and what specifically is it doing or not doing? =)

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If you were having the opposite problem (having it print only black ink) I could help. The only thing I can suggest is open the printer and make sure the black cartridge is snapped in fully. Sometimes theres a little plastic tab on the bottom of the cartridridge that you're supposed to remove before putting it in the printer...Did you get that off? (don't know how many times I've done that )

I'll poke around with control panel (assuming you're using windows) and see what I find.

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Finally found out the problem in the print page, & I think I got it corrected. Thanks so much.

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