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What are your views on abortion?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5457points) March 26th, 2016

Its only fair that I share my views. I am pro choice. That means I support a woman’s choice to be in control of her body. I understand that if a woman is in a position where she has to make the choice to have an abortion I will not judge her in any way.

I just cannot agree with forcing a rape victim to give birth as an ethical measure. She should be allowed to have the choice to do what she feels is right for her. It is a question of a person being in control of their own body. I would say that such women have been through enough.

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I’m pro-choice. However, I have serious qualms about the late-term abortion of healthy fetuses. That is abortions that take place after 20 weeks. I realise there may be reasons why an abortion at a late stage might be justifiable, the idea of aborting a fetus at such a late stage disturbs me.

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I’m pro-choice too. Think about it, if a woman thinks she can’t take care of the baby for various reasons (lack of experience, lack of living condition…) how can you expect her to give birth to the baby? She can’t raise the baby and you are forcing her to do that? Raising a baby is not an easy task, it is as hard as it is demanding. If a baby isn’t raised by a good mother who can meet all the baby’s need, what do you think will happen? Society will get another wrecked person, maybe even a criminal. Lots of consequences can result from bad parenting.

So really, if a woman thinks she can’t raise a child and need an aborting, don’t judge. She may be doing this society a favor.

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I’m in total agreement with @Mimishu1995.

I’ve always felt that people who are against abortion should adopt some foster children before having babies of their own.

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I was raised by a woman who would rather have aborted me.

I fully and completely support the right of all women to not be parents if they don’t want to be, and I simply cannot fathom how anyone who claims to be acting in the best interest of the fetus can say that the mother should be forced to have them as punishment for sex.

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Pro choice. My body, my decision. Until a baby is born, it is a part of my body.

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Pro-choice. As long as the fetus is dependent on the mother to survive I feel she can choose. Viability is a big fat grey line now, because medicine is getting better and better at caring for premature babies. My cut off is right around 5.5 months, which is close to the law in the US. I feel after 4 months there should be a really good reason. I probably would not want a law about that 4 month line, but that’s how I feel about it on a personal level.

Basically, I don’t believe the government should be able to order any man or women to give up something from their own body systems to support another life. It is not a question of when life begins.

I don’t understand being pro-life and having exceptions like rape and incest, but I’m glad many of the pro-lifers have the exception.

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Pro-choice, absolutely.

It is revolting and incredibly ironic that some pro-lifers have killed to promote their pro-life view.

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Pro-choice-ish. I don’t like it but understand the circumstantial need. I’m completely pro-choice in the beginning stages of a pregnancy. Once a fetus is viable though I’m basically against it.

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I am Christian and Pro-Choice.
No, I don’t find these conflicting.

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@filmfann I would never have thought it would be conflicting. I know of many pro choice Christians.

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100% pro-choice. That said, I also think that in this day and age any women that doesn’t keep the morning after pill on hand is a damn fool. That method of BC didn’t exist way back when when I chose abortion. I am also pro- death with dignity/ assisted suicide.
My body, my life, my choice to have a child or check out in the event of what I consider intolerable suffering.

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“That said, I also think that in this day and age any women that doesn’t keep the morning after pill on hand is a damn fool.”


Unfortunately, this has the effect of reverse, self imposed eugenics.

Here’s where it gets tricky:

If preventative measures that fail are taken by two adults that have discussed the ramifications of conception birth can only be greenlighted if both parties sign off.

That fetus is the product of the very same number of chromosomes (DNA, DATA) from each partner.

Yes, there’s much emotion based significance attached to the fact that one of the two will incubate the child. Immaterial.

You both knew this going in, heh, (groan).

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Emotion fucking nothing.

Each part has the responsibility to prevent birth up to the point that the components for that child leave their body. There’s a lot of emotion that goes into the fact that men have a problem with the fact that their decision time ends before the woman’s does.

Boo fuckity hoo. You don’t risk your life in this situation. Be thankful.

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Decision time based on what? A uterus is no longer needed to gestate a child. You clever scientists.

When an idea of mine (DATA) is sold in the form of a patent it has in effect left my body.

This is simply how history suggests this issue will be handled in the future. Why not start thinking that way now?

What am I thankful for?

Lots of things, including the fact that childbirth mortality rates have plummeted over the last few decades.

Yes, we all crave to feel special, irreplaceable. I do too. I just don’t factor my gender into it.

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pro-choice. Besides everybody that is against abortion are really pro-fetus, anti-woman. I support the option of abortion because there are way too many people on this planet and I believe that the planet will get better with having to take care of fewer humans.

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@SecibdHandStoke What is this Eugenics BS?

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^ If only those smart enough to use birth control or restrained enough to keep it in their pants are having fewer or no children…

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I am Pro-Choice.

I have stronger views on the religious anti-abortion crowd. I find them highly hypocritical in that they want to stop women from making this choice based on their own religious beliefs, but make no effort to take care of unwanted children on a scale in which their numbers and cumulative wealth could handle. If this is so important to them, they should have well-run orphanages and scholoarship programs for these children, but there is no concerted effort that I can see. I see no organized effort or advertizing offering to take these children. They should have orphanages all over the world, including right here at their ground zero.

According to the CDC, there were 730, 322 abortions in the U.S. in 2011 alone, 89% of them performed for reasons other than medical emergency. If so many fetuses are being “murdered” outright, then Operation Rescue orphanages should be all over America. But they aren’t. It is much easier for them to use their energy and money to protest abortion clinics, or in other words, harrass pregnant women in the streets, because orphanages are hard work for serious people.

Trust me, if 730,322 live infants were murdered in one year in the U.S., people – all 360 million of us—would be in riot mode. Christians aren’t supposed to discriminate between conception and live birth, so to them, it’s all murder: 730,322 babies were actually murdered in 2011 in their minds. Christians claim that there are 256 million Christians in the United States. Funny, I really don’t see the expected reaction to infanticide, including rational preventive measures. If they were serious and really believed this to be infanticide, they would spend every cent they have, every waking minute, spend themselves into poverty and volunteer work, providing an alternative to abortion. But they don’t. Because they are bullshit.

So, the anti-abortion crowd are nothing more than attention whores. They are bullshit. They carry no voice in my ears.

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@SecondHandStoke Calling it Eugenics really bothers my. Just like the right wingers saying Planned Parenthood practices eugenics as an evil plot to limit black babies born. BS.

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^ A eugenic effect does not have to be the result of the deliberate.

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@SecondHandStoke Eugenics is the purposeful selection to improve the human race. Do you think a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant or who doesn’t want her pregnancy is doing that?

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Until women have complete control of their reproductive health, they will be second class citizens.

And from a purely emotional standpoint, when you (the general “you”) have taken care of every orphaned, unwanted, abused, neglected, or hungry child, then you can fucking talk to me about whether I should bring an unwanted (for whatever reason) child into the world.

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It’s the conservative right wing that has made this the binary that everybody is making it out to be. You can be opposed to abortion generally, but for a women’s right to decide whether to have one or not.

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I’m pro-choice, for many, many deeply-felt and considered reasons.

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As a form of birth control I don’t think it’s so great, but in cases of rape, incest, or the mother health in question I am a million percent for it.

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In a perfect world proper sex education (abstinence only doesn’t count) would be had by all 12 year old kids and every bottle of beer would come with a condom taped to it.

But we live live in a world of shitty sex-ed, a pretty horrible social safety net, and dudes that just bail.

Once cops don’t have to chase down fathers that don’t bail when it is time to pay child support we can revisit this question.

My sister is going through it now. The father of her twins bounced and hasn’t paid child support in years. There is a warrant out for his arrest but the cops can’t find him.

So yeah, I hate abortions and wish they never had to happen. And we could do things to reduce them but we choose to not do those things. And as a result they need to be a option for the people the system failed.

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“It’s the conservative right wing that has made this the binary that everybody is making it out to be.”

Is the “Right Wing” alone in making this a binary issue?

@johnpowell ‘s post suggests that only males shirk their parental responsibilities. His binary division is likely not politically driven but, like so many others ITT instead is sexist.

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If my sister were in a car accident right now and needed blood and for some reason I were the only person who could provide it, nobody could force me to give my blood. Regardless of what anyone else thinks of the situation, it’s still my decision alone. Because we have bodily autonomy.

A fetus does not have the right to use my body to stay alive either. Period.

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I admit I don’t like the thought of abortion (and I presume others don’t either). A fetus just seems to have so much life to me, and that’s probably because I was raised Catholic. However, my argument stops immediately at the point where I realize that a fetus lies within a woman’s body. Nobody but that woman has control over what happens to her body. And that’s more than enough of an argument for me to be pro-choice.

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I am in favor of abortion rights for any woman for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy. Forcing a woman to endure pregnancy and childbirth when she does not want to is barbaric.

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How does that Wiki article prove that this thread is not full of gender bias?

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@SecondHandStoke Not talking about gender bias. Talking about the right wing strategy of creating the issue from where there was none before. They made the issue a binary “pro-choice” vs. “pro-life”. The term “pro-life” didn’t exist until they made it up. It was a brilliant piece of political marketing, actually.

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