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New members, would you care to introduce yourself and share in a little " Meet & Greet" party?

Asked by Coloma (47190points) March 30th, 2016

I’ve noticed quite a few new members streaming into Fluther Town the last few days. It is always fun and exciting to see a new crop of colts and fillies come galloping into the great pasture of Fluther.
Please introduce yourself, kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Let’s mingle! :-)

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Well, let’s get this party started!
Come on new peeps, someone has to go first, be bold, just do it!
Okay….I’ll go first.

Hi, I’m Coloma, a wacky middle aged, hippie chick throwback, that lives on a 10 acre mini-ranch with 19 animals of 7 different species. I am friendly, easy going, been here forever now and love getting to know new people. There, see, how easy? :-D

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Hi, my name’s Suzie <giggles> & i’ll do anything for a dare

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Suzie I’ve got your number…8675309

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My address too…I live “down in devilgate, down in devilgate, down in devilgate drive”

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Alright. Next time I see a newbie I post this link at them!

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@Coloma Hey now, that’s MY number.

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@Tea_Gryphon Welcome! Well…can we call you if you choose to not share anything about yourself? lol

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Hi there all you new folks. I am Kardamom. I haven’t been around regularly for awhile, but I’m here and I’d like to meet y’all. I’m the resident food enthusiast/vegetarian. Hopefully some of you like to eat : )

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… I’m Batman!

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Welcome all newbies! Don’t be shy. Please dive right in with whatever is on your mind. Everyone else does. Your comments are always welcome, even when they get slammed.

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What would be nice, too, is if the newbies put something (anything) in their profiles.

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I’m a misanthrope so….no! :)

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Hi, i’m Al & I came from Answerbag along with quite a few others who jumped that putrid wreck & were swept ashore here.

Lets hope the welcome is better this time around :D

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@Guitarded But…you can hate all of mankind while still making friends too. lol

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@Coloma Sure you can call me. Conference call with everyone, bahaha!

And haha I guess I should share something about myself.

I’m Jenny, a single momma to an 8 year old boy named Vincent and I also have three furbabies (two cats and a guinea pig) and a fish. I live in Texas and I’m an artist. I do graphic design, digital illustration, and traditional painting. I’m also a licensed cosmetologist but going back to school to become a registered dietitian.

I tend to talk too much and I’m a bit of a derp, but I mean well, lol.

I had an account here way back in 2010–11 but I totally forgot my screen name after I dropped off the face of the planet so I just made a new ID and started over not too long ago.

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Yay! @Tea_Gryphon is our first new member ( well returning from some long forgotten dead zone ) to actually share a bit! Cool! Welcome, thanks for sharing and hope you stick around!
Cute photo in your avatar btw. :-)

Now..if only we can drag some others out of their body bags. lol

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Hey y’all! Back from a long, unintended sabbatical. I’m VS, short for valleysailor, real name Janet in South Carolina. I came here several years ago looking for a place to land after my beloved Cerescape closed and Knowpost before that. Want to know more? Ask me!

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Hey @VS I remember your initials, but not much else. Welcome back!

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<—- For those of you who remember commercial pop tunes from 50 years ago, that is NOT the Elusive Butterfly of Lurve.

The winged being in my avatar is more like the intrusive butterfly of harassment.


“Hey now, that’s MY number.”

You’re way cute and I’m feeling kinda lonely, but you “accidentally” omitted your area code. ;-p

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Hi, all. I’m Seek, formerly Seek_Kolinahr, and if you were on Answerbag a million years ago it was LadyAlathia of Vulcan. Seek’s fine.

I’m 30, married, mom of one, involved in historical re-creation, the local heavy metal scene, and obsessed with books, science fiction, and coffee.

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Hi I’m from the UK. I’m a foster carer. I like to grow plants and sell them. I love the ancient alien theories and anything to do with Egyptology. I’ve just finished watching Sparticus and cried when it finished.

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@Tinbobtina Welcome, funny you mention Egyptology, I JUST found an Egyptian documentary I am saving until later tonight.

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Well, LadyAlathia….

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I’m a tall single and retired Canadian. I’m 38 years old and have esoteric beliefs. I was Talljasperman in Fluther and Answerbag.

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Come on new members, don’t be shy!

I’m dxs. I’m 20, I like music, numbers, playing cards, and exploring old buildings. I’ve been around Fluther for 7 years. I was born, raised, and currently live in New England.

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FINALLY! Something I longed to have since the day I joined.

I’m Mimishu1995, 20. I’m a college student and an aspiring writer who want to get out of college as soon as possible to pursure my deam. I have two modes: normal mode when I say things that make sense, and crazy mode when I become very stupid. I love all kind of chit-chat and games but I can also appear in more serious threads too (although no one can predict when I will go to crazy mode)

I love talking about all kinds of things, and I can give help if possible. I’d like to and have tried to make friends, but don’t know whether I succeeds.

And English isn’t my native language, so forgive me if I don’t make sense to you :D

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Hi newbies. I’m Pandora, and I also came from Answerbag, married to my one true love for 34 years, He is a retired Marine and we lived in different states and Japan and I am now retire and we are slowly traveling the world. We raised two great kids and I have a dog. I love learning about natural remedies and working in my garden. I also love just learning. I’m always researching something I’ve become curious about. One of the things I love most about fluther. Topics often come up that pique my interest. I feel life is too short for me to ignore this massive world we live in. I want to enjoy the time I have left.

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Contrary to all appearances, I’m female. Living in New Zealand, I’ve been around since 2009. It’s a good place, with a wide variety of interesting, intelligent and thoughtful people. A good place to expand one’s point of view, even if not actually participating in a conversation. I extend my welcome from DownUnder.

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If we could just get Boaty McBoat to drop in!

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@ibstubro Boatie McBoatie??? Could you mean Espiritus C?

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I’m sure not everyone is new here. Some might be old members who change/use separate account, like me. That’s why I could still remember how much you used to flaunt your geese the first time you joined. Geese this, geese that. And lets not forget how hilarious your relationship with your ex-husband.

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@Unofficial_Member then would it be too personal that you reveal who you were? Actually I’m a bit curious that you are an Asian too :)

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@Mimishu1995 Then there will be no purpose to use an additional account to ask crazy things without bias from other members.

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Hello and welcome. My name is Lori. I have my own CPA practice, so I’m working about 100 hours per week during this late-March and early-April. Lately, I’ve been checking Fluther about 1X per day, mainly lurking and seldom posting. I look forward to getting to know you better very soon.

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100 hours?! Merciful Neptune!

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^^^ It’s a predictable and expected job hazard, and I really don’t mind. I work this way for about 3 months every year, then things are easy for the other 9 months. At least for me, it’s a nice trade-off. I especially love having summer to myself.

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I’m a Jacques of all trades, meister of one or two. To varying degrees, in no particular order, at various times in my life I am and/or have been a musician, a gardener, a theologian, a husband, a father, a teacher, a school bus driver, a student, a brother, a linguist, a political activist, a songwriter, an essayist, an actor, and few other things I won’t name now

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Hey all, I’m KNOWITALL. From a small town in Southern Missouri. I work as a manager in a worldwide company. Animals are my passion, as is reading, learning new things, languages, psychology. I’m kind of brutally honest which may or may not go over well with some but it’s all good. I’m in my local city council just trying to help make the world a better place. I love cool people so feel free to message anytime.

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Hey @KNOWITALL So nice to ” see” you back! :-)

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Glad to be back, hope you & your flock are well? Any new fur or feathered friends I haven’t heard about?

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No, the same gang here, but, I am house/ horse/dog/cat/chicken sitting for 4 dogs, one cat, 21 chicks and 11 horses. haha

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@KNOWITALL Yeah, good to see you back!

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Someone run over to my scar question and invite the newbies there?? lol

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