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What are the things that you love/hate from current/past generation?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) April 2nd, 2016

There are some things which parents could do which we couldn’t and vice versa. Also there many things that kids could do / have easily which we couldn’t and vice versa. Can you list down such things?

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i hate the current music. and i hate my parent’s music.
i hate current fashion and retarded bieber hairstyles.

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I loved:
my parents’ clothing styles/fabrics;
superior automobile construction;
lack of GMO’s;
feelings of safety when playing outside in day or after dark.
advent of television (I was there) and home computers.

I hate:
school shootings;
less interest in the traditional family unit;
governmental lies, Big Pharma corruption;
what has happened to Detroit, Michigan;
suspiciousness of vaccinations;
worldwide emphasis on being thin as the ultimate goal for happiness;
anger and disrespect among Presidential candidates.
Did I answer this right? The question confused me a little bit.

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I like that we can dress casually for most occasions now.

I dislike the terrorism on our soil and many nations around the world. Also at least once a week there’s a shooting with multiple casualties. Public places, random situations. It’s getting old now.

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I miss the music, singers, actors of my parents’ generation. In the present, I hate terrorism, climate change, the coarseness of politics/entertainment/and manners, and just the general feeling of safety. Oerhaps most of all, I hate the decline of my aging mind and body.

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I love that my generation is a making a lot of progress towards the acceptance of different walks of life, particularly gay and transgender people.

I hate that a lot of people from older generations constantly call us lazy, entitled, etc. It’s not new either. Literally for centuries every generation has criticized the ones after them because they don’t like that things change. Probably the first kids who didn’t have to get up at 4AM to milk the cows got called lazy for sleeping in till 5, but like….isn’t it a good thing that we’re eliminating some of the struggles of the past? Isn’t that the whole goal? Shouldn’t that be a thing to celebrate instead of decrying “kids these days”? Plus my generation has tons of new struggles due to changes in the economy and student loan debt.

I MUCH prefer the popular music of last generation over the autotuned crap we have now. There is still good music now, but it doesn’t seem to get popular.

I hate the current trend in politics towards extremism.

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@Aster – you answered it partially..)) yeah i know its bit confusing i have asked in short hand manner.. you haven’t answered later part..the younger generation of today has many things available which you might not have..(if you aren’t one of them of course).

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@Mariah – i didnt want to critisize anyone.. was using it to refer young generation that’s all..

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Oh that wasn’t aimed at you! Sorry if that was implied.

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So many things I hate about this generation!
Specifically, fuck:
L. Ron Hubbard
All his clones
All these gun-toting, hip gangster wannabes
Retro anything
Your tattoos
All you junkies and your short memory
Smiley glad-hands with hidden agendas
Dysfunctional, insecure actresses

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I love clothes from the mid-1940s.

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I like social networking and being able to Google things so easily. When I was a kid, you either used the encyclopedia or you had to go to the library.

I dislike how kids come out of college often owing tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans and then can’t find good jobs.

It’s scary to me how there’s this growing disparity between the rich and the poor.

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What I like about the generation before me:

- Music. I enjoy the “big band” tunes of the 1940s, and what’s not to like about 1950s doo-wop and true rock-and-roll?

- The clothes and hairstyles. Both guys and gals looked terrific.

- Most U.S. cities remained vibrant and thriving.

- Trains and ocean liners, instead of airplanes.

What I don’t like about the older generation:

- World War II, Korea, and Vietnam

- Can you imagine living in a world with no civil rights?

- Cancer was a death sentence.

- There was no laser eye surgery, and severely myopic people wore Coke-bottle eyeglasses. (I’m sensitive to this because I had 20/600 vision before my own surgery.)

- Restricted neighborhoods and housing projects. Segregation, whether racial, religious, or economic, has never been good for anybody.

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What @jca said. I love the clothes, music of today! I love the tolerance of today. Medicine and science exciting!
I hate Isis and religious intolerance. Global warming. People that carry on about how great the old days were how much better people were.

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Current: advancement of convenient technologies, education, and social standards.
Past: fresh air, memories, parental support, and prices.

Current: competitive workforce, wide-spread pollution, and traffic jam.
Past: obsolete technologies, traditional standard, and religious influence.

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I’m on the cusp of Gen X and Millennial. For the purposes of this question, “this generation” is the current Millennial generation, and the “previous generation is late Boomer/Early Gen X – thinking 70s and early 80s.

From this generation:
I like – Technology, improvement in social tolerance, improved understanding of science, prog metal.
I dislike – War, The fact that everything I was made fun of for enjoying in high school is now a pop culture cliche.

From the previous generation:
I like – Music – Real rock music, punk rock, the birth of heavy metal, every piece of clothing ever worn by Stevie Nicks, the economy.
I dislike – War, MTV, Disco, Tipper Gore

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More that I like about the current: Advances in medical technology and medications to treat various diseases like cancer.

What I dislike about the current: GMO’s and Monsanto.

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