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Why is Pat Robertson so obsessed with homosexuality?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 12th, 2016

I usually try to give this guy as little attention as possible. But just thought I’d get some opinions on this guy. Here’s a clip.

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He may be very deep in the closet and self-loathing.

I actually worked with a guy like that.

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Hate is a powerful motivator. His hate dictates his words and actions.

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Because he is a homosexual.

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Step 1: Pretend you are under attack from something.
Step 2: Say you can help and people should give you money.
GOTO Step 1

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OMG, isn’t he dead yet?

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He may sincerely believe this stuff. In fact, I am pretty sure he does.

Blame his parents, his upbringing, and the overall influence of fundamentalist religion.

Right or wrong, he has the personal autonomy to think what he wants – no matter how odious he is.

I can’t believe that the supporters of LGTBQ want to brainwash people…

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Money and influence.
If it wasn’t what his followers wanted to hear, he wouldn’t keep saying it.

Just think how small minded his viewers must be that they essentially pay him to keep saying the same thing over, and over, and over again.
I mean, what? They still haven’t mastered a frigging VCR?

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Because he’s a dick and doesn’t like the idea of getting shit all over himself.

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I will repeat what I read on a bathroom wall many years ago as I think it is relevant to this question:

“Those who concern themselves most with others apparent queerness are most likely to have latent homosexual tendencies themselves”.. The Gospel according to Ms Jones

PS: I have no idea who Ms. Jones was but in this case she seemed to have her shit together.

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There’s an old saying… IF YOU SPOT IT YOU GOT IT.

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