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What will you do , if anything, to avoid the Zika virus?

Asked by Aster (19949points) April 13th, 2016

My s/o likes fishing and being a worrywart I’m worried! I’ve heard using DEET is very effective but quite carcinogenic. Oh, what to do? What will you do, if anything, to avoid mosquito bites?

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I usually try to avoid mosquito bites so nothing much changes for me. Although, I did hear zika is in a daytime mosquito, and I don’t usually worry about protecting myself during the day. That’s something to double check me on.

I usually make sure I am covered in clothing or have repellent spray on once dusk starts to happen.

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I will stay indoors more often. I won’t use Off (I find it yucky), but I will cover myself.

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I don’t plan on making any substantial changes to the way I live.

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West Nile has been in America for a long time, are people more worried about Zika than West Nile? I know someone who died from West Nile. I don’t worry about it, I just worry about having 20 bites itching me like crazy.

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I know someone who is wheelchair bound due to West Nile, which is a form of encephalitis. I didn’t know that until I met this person. I thought West Nile was a killer, which it is, but it didn’t occur to me that it would and could do something like incapacitate a person.

I’m not making any plans on lifestyle changes due to Zika. I don’t wear mosquito repellent. When I feel bugs start biting me, I go inside. That’s about it.

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One more side note. The last few weeks the mosquitoes have been pretty minimal here. I’m guessing the county, or maybe even my community, has put down a bunch of poison.

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I have no plans involving the tropics, and all the windows and doors are screened.

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Zilch. If I worried about every warning I hear day after day I’d never get out of bed.

The only virus I’m really afraid of is the Republican political agenda. Now that’s deadly.

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Check my property for standing, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. Use “OFF” with Deet. Keep covered. Say up North here where the mosquitoes aren’t suppose to be a problem…yet.

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There’s really no escaping mosquitoes where I live, and I already spend most of every day indoors.

Besides, it’s my understanding the biggest risk of the virus is to gestating fetuses, and I don’t have any plans to become pregnant.

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@Mimishu1995 – I can tell you from personal experience those things are a hell of a lot of good, drunken fun.

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Nothing. I’m not worried about it.

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I won’t do anything. I’m not worried about it either.

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I plan on killing mosquitoes I see.

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@Mimishu1995 :: is that some sort of bug zapper/tennis racquet? If it is I am so glad that wasn’t a thing when I was in high school.

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@johnpowell That is exactly what it is. They are sold at Harbor Freight for about $3.00. I have 2 and use them on yellow jackets.

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What about the poor mosquitoes? Why isn’t PETA speaking up in their defense? They are living things – don’t they have a right to live and thrive? What gives humanity the right to kill mosquitoes?

I think before we start swinging tennis rackets and engage is mass killings, we ought to think of the ecosystem as a whole.

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@johnpowell and they are so. much. fun.

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What if we used a giant one of those things in carrying out the sentence in capitol punishment cases?

The condemned would be placed in a large walled compound along with several remote controlled vehicles each equipped with a huge zapper. He or she would then be free to run around trying to avoid being slapped down with these gargantuan electrified nets controlled by a group of people in a glass skybox. The nets would be equipped with such a powerful charge that, upon making contact, in addition to being electrocuted the condemned would be flung across the compound to forcefully splatter into a wall.

Or we could make a game of it! Maybe using soccer goals with electrified nets while the drone/paddles (which may or may not be electrified) are divided up into two teams and the aim is to push or swat the condemned into the other teams goal for the win.

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In that I’ve never willingly let myself be bitten by a mosquito, nothing.

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I guess I won’t be going to the Rio Olympics :( I actually was in Brazil in 2014, thankfully there weren’t any major viruses going around at the time.

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Is Zika the only thing that’s stopping you from going to the Olympics, @DominicY?

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