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How often do you use the word 'naughty'?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) May 4th, 2016

One of my friends put a picture of her cat on facebook and described him as a ‘naughty cat’. I thought nothing of this until an American friend of ours said that since she moved back to the US she never hears the word naughty. I know we’ve been talking a lot on here about words and pronunciation etc. but I was taken a little bit aback by this and wanted to ask. Is she right? Is naughty not used? I think it is a great word.

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People with little kids toss the word around regularly depending on the varying dispositions of their own little criminals & my little girl was such a revelation that the word is still ingrained in the forefront of my lexicon 30 years later.

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I use it every once in a while when talking about one’s naughty bits. But i haven’t used it to describe my kids misbehaving since they were little.

My late father used to say it occasionally.

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I’ve used it once since childhood. I was describing a behavior of a horse to the horse’s owner. I was trying to be nice about her biter.

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But where I found the children naughty,
In manners rude, in temper haughty,
Thankless to parents, liars, swearers,
Boxers, or cheats, or base tale-bearers,

I left a long, black, birchen rod,
Such as the dread command of God
Directs a Parent’s hand to use
When virtue’s path his sons refuse.

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Professor used it yesterday to describe a poet we’re reading: “he was a naughty man!”—of course, in that case it had definite “naughty bits” connotations

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My cousin always described Frodo as “such a naughty dog.” But I don’t think the term is used in the US as much as it is in England. I also don’t think kids are chastised as much in the US as they sometimes are in Britain.

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I don’t use it in reference to “naughty bits.” I may occasionally use it in reference to a photo of a cat or something. I don’t use it very often.

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Only around Christmas.

Does that make me naughty?

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As has been suggested elsewhere in this thread, I think “naughty” is generally a reference to things of a sexual nature in the US. Thank the puritanical censors and the booming porn industry.

Still, I use it occasionally. I like words and using words in traditional, but seldom used, context is fun. Like queer. I still use the word in the context of “odd’ occasionally.

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I use the word often, to describe software problems, an ATM that won’t accept my debit card, inconvenient weather, my misbehaving cat or dog, and all sorts of other, developed-world problems. I guess I think of “naughty” as a fun, harmless way to express very mild frustration about things that really aren’t serious at all.

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I use it on occasion as @Espiritus_Corvus does, to describe some of the animals behaviors.
My goose is “naughty” when he gooses people, the horses are “naughty” when they nip. It’s a good word to describe a capricious behavior without assigning evil intent.

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I am pretty sure that I have never used the word “naughty” in conversation.

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I’m also pretty sure that most people in the US who talk about “naughty bits” got it from Monty Python originally whether they know it or not.

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In some parts of the world naughty has sensuous meaning..he / she is being naughty.

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Only when I’m sexting.~

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve used the word. I’ve never told my children they were being naughty.

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I use it with my kids. I remember my sweet aunt, who was an elementary school teacher, used to use the word. Once I had little ones, I found myself using it too. It feels wholesome to me, and reminds me of my aunt.

I do not ever use the word as a genital or sexual reference.

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I don’t think I’ve said that word in 20 years. Maybe more. It’s not absent from my vocabulary, but I never think to use it. Maybe when referring to Santa and which kids are naughty or nice. But, that’s because it’s a saying. I don’t think of children as naughty. However, I don’t have children, so who knows what word I would grab out of the air if I was actually dealing with kids every day.

Naught can have sexual meanings too. I don’t use the word for that either, but I don’t find the usage unusual.

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I only hear it used it in a joking or unserious manner.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas I hope you sext exclusively with @Blondesjon?!?! If not, I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you. :-)

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Only in conjunction with the word “Zoot” so not very often.

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I use it as a joke to describe genitals – “the naughty bits”.

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A couple times a week when my wife calls me at work.

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Frequency? Oh, I’d say maybe a dozen or so times a year. Let’s call it about once a month. It’s typically said with some humor, a light-hearted mock accusation: “What makes you so naughty?” or “That movie looks pretty naughty.”

I used it differently when my children were small; then it did mean misbehavior. I never, ever, ever told them they were bad, though, not even jokingly. I never wanted them to take in the thought “I’m a bad boy.”

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Rarely, but when I do it’s to describe one of the kids, usually in a joking manner.

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Not so much since my children are grown up. My fur babies are sometimes naughty. I might say ‘well that’s a bit naughty when a pollie or organisation or colleague commits a minor sin’. However, I’m a pom, so perhaps it’s a word that is more often used by my peers.

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I use it quite often when referring to my cats as well.

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Not that often. Maybe once in a while. Sorry, I’ve been naughty. I ate the last donut or finished off the last of the icecream or I switched the cards in the deck when you went to the bathroom. But usually I say. Sorry, I’ve been bad. :(

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I say “I’ve been a bad, baad girl.”

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I’ve been careless with a delicate man…

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Only when talking about Santa Claus.

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