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Planning a trip, would I have to pay toll?

Asked by Rethroz (38points) May 4th, 2016

I thank you in advance for taking time out to read through this and construct a response.
I am planning a trip to Kutztown from Philadelphia. Would I have to pay toll? I tried doing some searching around and didn’t find much on this.
My guess is that there will be toll to pay.

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If you get directions on google maps, it will tell you if there is a toll. It will also offer toll-free alternatives, although that might take lots longer.

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It depends upon whether you take the Turnpike or not. Obviously, you’ll pay on the TPK. but likely not that much if I remember correctly from when I used to live in Philly.

Kutztown isn’t that far away; about 90 minutes or so. So, it really depends upon how much of a hurry you’re in or whether you’d like to enjoy some scenery. It’s really lovely driving through Amish country.

You can likely get by using some combo of (I think) 202 and 309. I’m horrible with remembering numbers so definitely check out a map.

Are you leaving from Center City or from another area of Philly like the Northeast or Mt. Airy. I’m most familiar with those areas.

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You can try this travel conditions link. They have a toll /Ezpass tab above and when you open it, it has a toll calculator you can use.
Or you have the option of using your phone or gps to plan your travel and set it to avoid toll roads.

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Welcome to Fluther.

So, you’re planning a driving trip that may include some time on the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

You can calculate the tolls right here.

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Time versus money.

You can get there without paying tolls, but it will take you longer because you’ll have narrower roads and plenty of traffic lights.

So, what is your time worth?

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