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Can Trump dig any deeper?

Asked by johnpowell (17844points) May 7th, 2016

It appears he is trying.

“All of the men, we’re petrified to speak to women any more… the women get it better than we do, folks.”

He has gone full-on MRA asshole.

Video here

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I think this might be his 47% moment.

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This will only make him more popular with his neonazi base

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Luckily white males are only 31% of the population here.

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What does it matter now?
He is the republican nominee now.
Probably at least 90% of republicans, if not all of them, will vote for him, because he is the republican nominee.

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I think we all know he can dig even deeper.

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I smell a juicy assassination attempt…

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Oh, @johnpowell – never underestimate the stupidity of a politician.

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No politician, even one as detestable as Trump, deserves to be assassinated. On the other hand, it’ll be fun to see what happens to his ego when this megalomaniac loses the election.

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@ragingloli. My sister is a Republican, and has said that she will vote for Hilary rather than Trump, and she has no love for the Clintons.

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There’s no longer any shock value to Trump and his pronouncements. My friends, Barnum is gone, but the great truths he left us are worthy of note. In this case it’s a large tent containing a stage with the curtain down. Above the stage in large letters: MAGIC UNICORN. The curtain goes up and there on the stage a jackass brays noisily at the crowd. The performance ends and the majority of the audience leaves outraged at the fraud. But an embarrassing number come away overjoyed that the beast is as advertised and convinced the ridiculous braying lights the path to salvation. This stuff would be SO funny if my ass wasn’t on the line. Hell, it’s funny anyway.

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Clarification is needed.

What do you mean by MRA asshole?

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Found this quote, and it seems to sum up the refusal to be truthful by his supporters; When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single-mother, the first black editor of Harvard Law review and a professor of constitutional law is considered unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American by the right while a xenophobic, misogynistic, “serially philandering”, trust fund kid who quotes from the National Enquirer, peddles conspiracy theories, routinely calls women ugly and fat, calls McCain a loser for having been a prisoner of war, and who has advocated torture and the bombing of women and children has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans. This is white supremacy folks. Plain and simple.

Jonathan Giftos

Seems to sum up the idea nicely. I don’t know either what MRA means.

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^ What you mentioned above related to gender, not race.

How is this “white supremacy?”

Also, you are making the assumption that because he has called women “ugly and fat” he reserves his negative observations for women. A person could very well be ugly and fat, woman or otherwise.

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MRA is short for Men’s Rights Activist

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^ I’m aware of what MRA stands for.

I need clarification on what “MRA asshole” means.

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Maybe I’m in a minority here, but the ‘serial philandering’ piece does not resonate with me. My feeling, even back to when Clinton was getting it on with Monica, is that private life – particularly sexual private life – is NOT of concern to me.

I have a similar view on religion: there isn’t a religious test for being president, and there shouldn’t be. I don’t care what religion a candidate is.

But to be clear: Once the candidate starts making religion part of the conversation – like Cruz did and Santorum did and even to some degree Carson, then all bets are off.

Besides, in Trump’s case there are plenty – oodles – of reasons to dislike him. Philandering isn’t one of them.

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^ Having been frustrated time and time again by conservatives that appeal to the religious right I am quite relieved with the fact that Trump’s deity is himself.

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^^ I make no such assumption. I have listed links to his racist statements already and therer are too many to bother with. Just because David Duke supports him I’m sure he really has never given any reason for the KKK to think he’s their kind of guy. I was addressing myself to the OP. If you wish to support this person, I don’t care. If name calling and chronic lying is appropriate behavior in your eyes for the leader of the country, well, those are your standards. If trying to shame a decorated veteran and calling him a loser for having been captured and tortured while himself evading service to his country because of daddy’s deep pockets doesn’t sound like white privelege to you, that’s your right.
@elbanditoroso, I believe the philandering thing was brought up as a contrast to the President and his being a faithful husband. And while his personal life is his own business, it certainly does speak about his character. If he holds his vows so cheaply, it would indicate that any other vow he takes would also be just as easily broken.

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^ (Sigh).

Just because one’s policies or beliefs might affect one group more than another doesn’t necessarily make them racist.

Also, thank you for the all or nothing straw. I didn’t say word one about his comments regarding McCain.

Also, I never stated that I support Trump. I am simply picking apart what I see to be inaccurate statements or assumptions.


I utter a single syllable that isn’t anti Trump and everyone assumes I’m licking his boots.

“White privilege?” LOL.

Your credibility has been vivisected.

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Well then, I apologize for misunderstanding you. But your argument that he is not a racist is inadequate. He regards most people as inferior for one reason or another. And he certainly objectifies women and values us according to our ability to gratify his (shudders) needs. And any woman who has the temerity to point out something negative to him becomes his target for vitriol in a ridiculously disproportionate mananer.
Regardless, I never stated or assumed that he reserves his negative observations for women. Anyone who calls him out receives off topic childish personal attacks. And this is the problem. This is not acceptable behavior for a grown man. This is how junior high school kids behave. Not adults, and certainly not respectable leaders. This is where I fail to understand people who support him. How is this ok with anyone?

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^ I’ll agree with you that Trumps delivery leaves very much to be desired.

However, if I am forced to choose between manner and policy I will be choosing policy every time.

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He may not be digging any deeper, but he sure is piling it on!!! He couldn’t be any deeper if he fell into a two-story outhouse!

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Well, @Pachy, Wallace wasn’t assassinated.

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He’s not only a blowhard but a liar as well.

I have a great deal of difficulty imagining him being afraid to speak to (or insult) any woman he encounters.

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@Pachy…and to a GIRL no less :p

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Does he include himself as one of “All of the men…”?

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A nutter running to be leader of a country full of nutters with guns…assassination attempt almost inevitable

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I dunno, I wouldn’t mind seeing Trumps tower lopped off in a basket. lol Okay, not really, but…

I know 3–4 hardcore Trump supporters and man, I have to just take a deep breath and walk away when they try to convince me he’s really a good guy that’s going to whip things into shape. gah!

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@ucme The nutters won’t kill their King.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas Agreed, but that still leaves a shit ton of idiots with a grievance, his supporters don’t have exclusive rights on stupidity

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