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Dear Flutherites, how do you come up with your login ids?

Asked by nina (895points) July 29th, 2008

Please, share some stories.

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This story is actually my father’s. While he and my mother were visiting China (my mother is Chinese, my father is not) some years before I was born he had a Chinese chop—that is, a seal with which to stamp things—made with his (now our) surname. Our surname is Lapiroff, but when they transliterated into Chinese it read as “Lapilofu.” I think it’s a really cute sounding name, so since hearing the story, I use it pretty much everywhere online.

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I’ve been flameboy since I was in middle school, basically because I had a bad temper and I used to react faster than a lighter, after 15 year I still use it everywhere…

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I wasn’t satisfied with just a name, I wanted a phrase to describe my creativity.

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Not implicating that I have an ego, just my friends and fiance always compliment deepness(not trying to brag).

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I’ve used Anaphase for about five years now. I first came up with it when I was bored in some computer class in high school. I was messing around in photoshop and I needed a word to complete whatever it was I was making and my friend told me that anaphase was a cool word, so I used it and it just stuck. I just think it’s a cool word.

I know that story makes absolutely no sense, but I thought I’d share.

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It’s my real kickass name. I don’t need creativity when my name is Magnus.

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Anaphase is part of the Mitotic cycle =)

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@Magnus: That truly is a kickass name.

@Eambos: Yes, it is. My friend got it from his biology book. Fun times.

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I think mine is pretty self-explanatory.

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gailcalled is a pun on my real name…gail calder.

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I chose Dog because I was was in the middle of a commission painting a life sized dog on point.
It was the first thing that came to mind.

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Knot My Day is an unfinished album by an outstanding musical group that used to call themselves “The Brompton Cocktail” before they discovered was another group by (nearly) the same name. They are currently torn between “The Sevenses” and “Five to Sevenses.”

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Mine is my real name, too. Not quite as cool as Magnus though. =\

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Joe is slightly to boring for my liking so i figured I’d jazz it up a bit.

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@magnus – reminds me when Homer Simpson changed his name to Max Power hahaha

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How about I change my last name to power… WOW

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Magnus Power – WOW! go for it!

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mine is my old name i used to use when i played online FPS’ used to go by batman then me and a bunch of friends made a clan called über so i was überbatman and it just stuck. Ive been using it for atleast 5 years now.

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And didn’t the collective decide a while back this ^^ is an uberbatman name?

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@gail they most certainly did. ^_^ and it is definitely an awesome name.

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Shortly after I started surfing, a friend called me a poser because I’d keep my board on my car just in case I found myself at the beach. She said I was just trying to look like a surfer. I hadn’t heard the word since about third grade, so I decided to appropriate it.

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