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Fight or flight?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) July 29th, 2008

suddenly you are forced to make a decision that could be life-threatening or life-changing! do you face it head on and fight or do you run away? what was your most recent fight or flight situation? did it change you forever?

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It totally depends on the situation.

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Yes it changed me forever, I applied for a better position in my job, and I was rejected because I was too young (same excuse like for the 10th. time) and I felt like it was time to quit on everything and move to the sahara desert and live like a nomad, I was cleaning my desk after they told me “no” and I was ready to go to HR and say I’m leaving when I thought “hell no, I’m not giving up” after a week another great position opened and I applied and I though if they say no again, I will keep trying to prove that being young is not a disadvantage, and I did, and I got the job :) and realized that I’ve never ever given up in my life before, and that I must stay that way :)

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perserverance is different than fight or flight. Like if u run into a bear on the subway do you fight or run away haha. Depends on the situation I guess if you think you can handle it then you prob try to fight.

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Consider the poor armadillo. His natural enemy is the snake. His adaptive coping mechanism is to leap straight up in the air when confronted with a threatening snake. (The striking snake misses.)

Sadly, this response does not work so well for threatening automobiles. Thus, roadways littered with roadkill ‘dillos.

Luckily, humans have a multiplicity of responses. We adapt. We react differently in different circumstances.

You did not give any circumstances so I don’t know how I would react.

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Not me. My only response is to jump straight up into the air. I haven’t been bitten by a snake yet.

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the one thing I’m sure of is I don’t always react to a situation the way I thought I would. The people who boast about standing and fighting are usually the first ones to run after pushing you out of the way. Everyone reacts differently in the heat of battle, differently then they thought they would.

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Fight or flight whatever it takes to overcome the situation.

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Fight definitely if its worth it. I fight and have fought for those who can’t fend for themselves. It is what our country is founded on. You should stand up for what you believe in and for those who can’t stand up for there rights. I hate bullys!

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