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What's your favorite punctuation mark?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 4th, 2016


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I, think, my, favorite, is, probably, the, comma.

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Don’t get me wrong. It’s an indicator for a joke here, but it’s also an equivalent of – in Japanese. You can also make emoticon with it 0~0

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The ”!☣!!☢!☠!!!!”

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Period, full-stop, end of story. No more discussion.

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@DoNotKnowMuch Are you channeling Boy George? Comma Chameleon?

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The ellipsis. So much has been said by so little.

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The em dash.

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Not the Rainbow Dash?

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The dash – and the three little dots, of course…

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semi-colons. They are so versatile.

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IBD patients love their semicolon jokes….:P

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@Mariah – I’m so sorry, I laughed way too hard at that. Ow. My nose. Coffee. Ow.

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Sorry about your nose! I have a shirt that just has a big semicolon on the front. It’s a secret code to help us find each other.

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That is awesome.

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By far, italics and the em dash—I blame my early exposure to the prose of J.D. Salinger and Tom Wolfe for that.

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66 & 99

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So to speak.

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The colon. Hard to use right, but elegant when deployed correctly and not to excess.

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Got to be the exclamation !

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I like exclamation points*!!!!!!!!!!!!!* @ZEPHYRA great minds think alike. lol

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Love the question mark too!!??.??

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The exclamation mark. I reckon we really underuse punctuations, especially my favourites!!!!!!What do you think???????

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The apostrophe. So rarely used correctly, but a little mark can add so much clarity.

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@Jeruba Shush, speak not of colons, mine must be scoped soon. lol

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The Interrobang


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