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Were you a fan of The Highlander? Which did you like better, the movie or TV Show?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) June 4th, 2016

A recent question about living forever reminded me about these great immortal characters.

I much preferred the TV series (with Adrian Paul) because they had the time to flesh out all the nitty gritty details of everyday life for an immortal.

And with a great atmosphere of various European locales (provided mostly by filming in Canada and the French part of Montreal) as well as a fabulous soundtrack by Queen, it was easy to get immersed in it.

The only part that eventually got a bit tedious and hokey for me was the ending sequence where he chops off another head accompanied by horrific thunder and lightning bla bla bla. How many different ways can you drag this out each week :)

I actually didn’t discover this show until it was in reruns so I got to watch a new episode almost every day. That was fun. The whole thing was also a great tour through various historical periods.

So, what about you?

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I never got into the TV show, but I remember really enjoying the movie. I loved a lot of the hokey 80s fantasy/action films as a kid – Highlander, Beastmaster, Conan, Ladyhawke…

It amuses me to this day that a Belgian played a Scot while a Scotsman played a Spaniard who pretended to learn about Scotland from the Belgian.

Craig Ferguson does an amusing bit on this subject.

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Ha ha. Good point. But that’s why they call it acting I guess.

Even tho I’m not usually a big fan of Queen, the soundtrack was outstanding and added a lot to the film.

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Highlander was huge with my circle of friends growing up

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I preferred the TV series. It at least had an actor who could pass as a Scotsman, and it adhered to a consistent mythology. The films were a mess, with a lead who couldn’t disguise his painfully obviously-not-a-Scotsman accent if his life depended on it. Nor could they figure out what the series’ mythology was from one film to the next. Without a doubt Highlander 2 was the worst of the bunch.

- “Hey, you know what would be a great idea – if Connor Macleod’s prize for being the last immortal standing was to become mortal, get old and start dying. Also, him and Ramirez are aliens.” “That makes no sense at all. It’s fucking fantastic!”

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Oh I don’t acknowledge any of the films past the first one. Highlander 2 was the worst movie ever made. Literally.

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Endgame was decent enough, but it directly tied in with the TV series. They seemed to have pretty much settled on a canon of the first film, the TV series and Endgame, and disregarding everything else.

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I’ve never been a big fan of Lambert. I kept wishing they had cast Connery in his role instead (even tho he was a bit long in the tooth) He was a far better actor.

But the TV series is what I really enjoyed for the reasons I mentioned above.

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I liked the movie and loived the soundtrack. Kind of had/have a crush on Clancy Brown. Never cared for the series. Actually, I never watched an episode because I have a negative view of taking a movie and making a series out of it. I never hassle people for getting into the series, but it is never going to get it for me,

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Neither. Never been a fan of the fantasy/action/adventure genre.

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I preferred the first movie to the TV show although it’s poor grasp of history is even more annoying than its casting.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say I had a crush, but I’ve always appreciated the talents of Clancy Brown. He is really versatile and has been in so many different types of roles as well as voices.

Did you catch him in Earth 2? It was a well done show but, unfortunately only lasted one season. But he was a central character and present in every episode. His character had a young daughter and it was nice to see that caring parent side of him. (Much nicer than Kurgan, ha ha.)

I really liked that show and thought it had great possibility. They also had the fabulous Tim Curry in a guest spot doing his turn as a particularly odious villain (as he does so well. )

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