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Do you live in an area where you have two different sets of clothes - summer clothes and winter clothes?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 13th, 2016

Do you live in an area where your summer wardrobe and your winter wardrobe are totally different, and you have to do “the changeover” in your closet twice a year?

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Yes, in the San Francisco Bay Area you stop wearing the “rain” clothes in April, and start wearing your “cold” clothes from May 1 to July 15. I am wearing a heavy wool sweater today because it is so cold in San Francisco.

We stop wearing jeans during the day because of the heat from September 1 to Halloween.

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Yup. Here in Boston, we have three sets.


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Yes, thank heavens. I love distinctive seasons but wish we in East Tx got snow more often than once every ten years. We don’t, however, need gloves and hats. Just a lightweight jacket and occasionally a heavier jacket for a brief time. This is mostly sandals territory.

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Two? Hell, I’ve got summer / winter work clothes.

Summer day / summer evening casual clothes.
Summer storm clothes.
Extreme summer casual clothes.

I’ve got five separate and distinct kinds of SOCKS, f’gosh sakes.

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so so many seasons

sometimes it’s exhausting to think about the types of clothes in various storage spots

even the types of boots for different types of snow… tall boots for soft, deep snow, boots with super treads for packed snow/ice, best quality waterproof boots for slush, ... I’ve never found one pair that covers all eventualities (and still looks presentable for work) I wear shearling lined clogs as far into winter as I can stand since they’re really the only thing I like in winter.

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I would say we also have 3 sets in NE Ohio. Summer; Winter; Spring/Fall. I do rotate my closet, I find it’s easiest to manage that way, I keep my current wardrobe on the top rail and the out of season on the bottom. Our winters tend to be quite long and are often wet, spring and autumn are highly unpredictable, and summer tends to be extremely muggy.

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I wear the same stuff year round. During summer nights I dress the same as the winter. Only real variation is a hoodie and a light waterproof coat all day in the winter. We get snow about once a year.

But even if it 40º outside I keep my window open. I don’t use heaters.

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Nope. I don’t even have a warm jacket.

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Over here in the north east of englandtown we get 4 seasons in one day, scratch that…we get 4 seasons in one afternoon. So yeah, my wardrobe got that shit covered

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LOL … don’t even get me started on jackets.

I’ve got the “depths of winter, sleep outside in the storm if I need to” heavy winter coat.

I’ve got the “clear the snow and ice from the driveway in any weather” working coat.

I’ve got a couple of car coats for winter, depending on how formal I want to be. (Rather, “depending on how informal I can get away with”, for more accuracy there.) And I’ll still have one of my “survival” coats in the trunk, just in case.

I’ve got coats for when the weather is turning from Fall to Winter, or from Winter to Spring, depending on how fast the turn is going and how much wind and rain – or snow – is involved in the transition.

I’ve got warm weather and cool weather rainwear.

And I’ve got a coat that’s not much of anything except that it’s big enough to fit over a sweater and water repellent enough to shed all but a downpour, while it cuts the wind from knifing through the sweater.

Hell, I have pullovers that I keep in the office for the summer, when the A/C gets turned down a bit too aggressively for my liking.

Let’s not get started on footwear now…

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The weather is generally mild here, but I have a “short sleeve” drawer and a “long sleeve” drawer, plus a cold pants drawer and hot pants (not that kind) drawer.

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Where I am right now, no. It’s always hot/warm. We wear capris and flip flops all year. There may be a few cool days in Winter but it’s nothing to buy a wardrobe for. Just a couple long sleeve t-shirts.

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We have 3 here as well in Chicagoland: summer, winter, spring/fall

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Yep, here in Texas I go from a t-shirt to a henley in the winter. Still wear the shorts though.

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Yes, but minimal change where I live now. I have lived in places that had very cold winters, and I didn’t change my closet much when I had a large closet. I might move lighter weight folded items to higher shelves, and bring the heavy stuff in easier arms reach. If my closet was small, I usually kept fancy cloths and jackets I didn’t wear often in another closet.

I think the biggest factor is the size of the master closet and other closet space available in the house.

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I can wear the same clothes all year round. I just have to add a cardigan or jumper on cooler days/nights. I do own coats. I only wore them when I had to sit outside watching my son play soccer or when I went to southern states where it gets cooler or when I go overseas.

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Not really. I live in Australia, and in summer I tend to wear a t-shir and shorts all the time, and in Winter a t-shirt with a jumper or hoodie and jeans/leggings.
It’s not a big change, really.

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Nope. I own a pea coat. Haven’t worn it in three years.

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Yep. And the best times of year are when you get sweatshirts and shorts in the same wash load.

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I have a large walk in closet, and my side of it is split between summer and winter clothes, both on hangers and shelves.

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For the most part, yes. I wear the same polyester slacks year round. It’s the coats, sweat shirts, shirts, and hats that get shuffled.

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Boy. Summer has hit with a vengeance. Tis the season for NO clothes. And in the winter I have on 2 or 3 layers.

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Yes here in Chicago definitely demands a winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe and thankfully I have a spare closet where I do the twice a year swap and giveaway.

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the speed that the temps are changing at these days, I’m flipping between spring and summer clothes almost daily. nearly 40C yesterday ,,, 20C today. whoooeee

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I have a lot of clothes and I’m finding the twice a year switch and storage to be overwhelming now.

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I wear much the same work clothes but I tend to layer them so wear fewer layers in summer. Sometimes I don’t even take a coat with me! I have very fair skin so even in high summer I tend to cover up.

who else would like to know more about @YARNLADY‘s hot pants??

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@YARNLADY it’s even funnier for me because pants means knickers/ underwear!

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