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Was this murder necessary? Mrs. White in the ballroom with a knife ...

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) July 12th, 2016

After 70 years, the makers of Clue (Hasbro) offed Mrs. White and replaced her with a politically correct Asian female scientist.


Is this political correctness run amok? Will Mrs. White stay dead?

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No, it is marketing for newer generations.

And your repeated use of “political correctness” is a criticism of people wishing to respect others,

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TIL non-white people only exist for “political correctness.”

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It’s a game. Trying to modernize it is a good marketing ploy. Barbie is also no longer exclusively white.
When things like this bring on cries of “too politically correct” and such it sounds a bit like “all lives matter”.
Frankly, I would like to see a little more diversity in the game.

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Suits me fine. Is there a mathematical reason they had to eliminate the classic character, instead of just adding the new one?
If I were a fan of the original, I wouldn’t mind the new character, but would miss the old one.

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Sounds like affirmative action has gone a little far. Is this female scientist as qualified as Mrs. White?
Why not a gay, or transgender character while they’re at it. They should have stayed ahead of the curb on that an killed off uh….Was it Col. Mustard?

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Good time to hit up thrifts and yard sales to find original versions for resale.

On a personal level , for game-playing, it’s fine/good. Some games (MONOPOLY), I prefer the original versions. Others, I appreciate/enjoy the updates.

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Well, Mrs White is described as an “aging housekeeper” in the OP’s link. So I’d say, yeah, she’s “as qualified” @MrGrimm888.

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Each of the characters in Clue has been reworked over the years. Funny how this is the only one that has aroused any sort of uproar.

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Because it was an ‘upgrade’ of a woman, you see.

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If it’s political correctness, yes.

It has run amok.

…Wait a second… She should replace Colonel Mustard.

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If it’s political correctness, yes.

It has run amok.

…Wait a second… She should replace Colonel Mustard.

Seriously, I am strongly for encouraging girls to pursue science based careers.

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Well, I would certainly hope so @SecondHandStoke.

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Mrs White wasn’t murdered, she simply died of old age.

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Aging housewives often do.

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Did anyone complain when the Reverend Green was defrocked?

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I could not give two shits. The day someone calls chess racist because it is black vs white then I’ll say it is PC overkill.

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