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Your life is better when you ____ [what]? Explain.

Asked by Jeruba (51652points) July 21st, 2016

Your life is better when you

—love somebody.



—[fill in the blank].

Keep it simple. One or two words will do. Okay, maybe three.

And then tell us how it makes a difference in your life.

Tags as I wrote them: lifestyle, happiness, self-improvement, self-care, habits.

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Life is better when I am on stage.
I get to be creative, feel accomplished, and be someone else for awhile.

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Life is better when I can sleep through the night. It happens more regularly than in the past, but not all the time.

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—— are in shape.

Everything is better! Love, life, health, activities, sitting, sleeping, making love, recovering from surgery, knee joints, flexibility, scratching an itch.

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…when I don’t drink.

There is nothing good or bad in my life that having a drink won’t make terrible and much much worse.

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Work out. It takes me a good 6 weeks to get to where I want to work out, get practically addicted to it. It takes me about 1 day to lose it.

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….get good sleep. I’m happier and more energetic and less prone to distortions.

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Life is better when I write. I’m an artist at heart and what’s better than being able to create?

That said, it’s seriously a joy when I’m able to write. My family doesn’t approve of my work and I can only do it when they aren’t arround.

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…tell the truth.
Against all odds, I try to believe that’s true.
Of course, it won’t get me elected POTUS, from any party. :’-(

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have a regular bowel moment.

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…take time for myself.

Like tonight. I got a chair massage and attended a workshop at the library.

When I don’t do things for myself, I lose perspective, get easily overwhelmed, and take on too much. Let it go on longer, and I can get cranky and bitter.

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Spend my time creatively.

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Get a good nights sleep, like 9–10 hours. haha

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take a long walk in nature.

It gives you time to think, and the sunlight, fresh air, and exercise lift your mood. Our prehistoric ancestors spent pretty much all their time outside and in nature, and moving around was built into everyday life. We spend so much time sedentary and indoors today; it’s stifling.

Getting to enough AA meetings is also a big one for me, but obviously not for everyone!

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Stop thinking about it & enjoy it for what it is

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Your life is better when you think positively. All troubles become miserable and easy-to-overcome. The mood improves. The number of good people around you grows. Everything changes for the better.

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My life is better when I hang out with dogs.

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Oooh, when my neighbor rolls over on his golf cart with buckets full of fresh produce from his mega garden. I just got the weekly, farmers market moment delivered right to my doorstep. Today I took some yellow squash, lemon cucumbers, bell peppers and Roma tomatoes.
A yummy salad tonight!

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My life is better when I take breaks.

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My life is better when I’m in love and loved back.

Also when I write a poem.

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^ Oh Pachy with your trunk so gray
Would you like to have a quarters day?
You’re strong enough to tote the sack
of silver coins on your back.

We shall traipse along the avenue
.Share some peanuts and a brew
take in the sights, a stroll by dusk
You can hold my wing and I’ll kiss your tusk. ;-)

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Life is better when I get to spend time with dogs and cats, kissing their noses and rubbing their tummies. The world and all its troubles melt away when I become zen with the doggies and kitties.

Life is better when I get to go camping, on my own terms, without anyone’s regimented ideas about how things should be done. I love being in the great outdoors, but I don’t necessarily want to be too far away from civilization. I don’t want to have to hike in to a camp site. I don’t want to be dragged out on any death marches long grueling fast paced hikes where there is not time to stop and take pictures or sit down and enjoy the view or just take in the scent of pine. I don’t want to have to deal with someone over packing and getting all mad about packing things “correctly.” I’m a very organized person. I’m out of town a lot. I know how to pack correctly for my own comfort and satisfaction.

Life is better when the air is cool. It’s so hot right now I feel like I am being baked to death. I feel very anxious and somewhat depressed when I’m too hot. I will be house sitting for a friend this week, it’s going to be very hot there. I have several books packed and I intend to head for a nearby ice skating rink and plop my butt down on the bleachers, iced coffee in hand, and just sit there and read, in the cool.

Life is better when I have my iphone camera with me. I take boat loads of pictures. I just see stuff that is crying out for me to take a picture. With my phone, I can take lots of pictures, and then upload them to either Facebook or Flickr, so I can free up more space to take more pictures. I’ve always been a photographer, but having this phone makes it so much easier, and because of that, I feel more creative and more eager to go out and photograph stuff.

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…let go and stop being so self conscious.

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Is ethical in all they do and say while standing up to the unethical.

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Make time for myself, to do what I want.

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Life is better when I am alone.

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