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After a severe bout of stomach flu and diarrhea what has proven effective for you to ease back into eating, getting some nourishment? Any particular brand of probiotics which worked for you?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) July 31st, 2016

I’ve just gone through 4–5 days of vomiting and diarrhea which has left me with no appetite and zero strength and energy.

(And, yes, I’ve seen a Dr.)

I’m currently drinking either Vitamin Water or Lemon Lime soda (both diluted 50% with water).

I’m also mixing the above with tomato juice (also 50%) just to get a bit of salt back into my system.

Even tho I’m sort of hungry, the thought of trying to eat anything, even soup, is not appealing in the least.

I do have a container of egg drop soup, which I normally love, in the fridge but it has zero appeal at this point.

This is really the sickest I’ve been in well over 20 yrs.

So, I’m open to any wisdom you have to share from your own experience. Thanks.

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White rice. Bland bread. In small quantities. Only if no vomiting though. You mite could get some plain white rice from the place you got the egg drop soup, if you don’t feel like cooking.
Eventually add protein, like unseasoned chicken or beans.

Lots of fluids. Not watered down crap. Pedialyte, Gatorade, or coconut water would be rich in electrolytes (which you need.)

You could just chug water, but it sounds like you need something with a taste.

Hope you feel better.

Peace n love

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Oh…been there! I’m so sorry you got knabbed by it! :(
Before I would go to solids, or really anything when dancing with this scourge, I was put on Pedialyte liquid.
It was still marketed for little kids when I took it. Orange flavored or (icky after everything) bubblegum flavor. Euw Blech.
Now that more medical professionals are aware of it, there are real-people flavors and also clear.
It replaces Everything you spent days losing- only very gently without stomach or digestive upset. I use it even before an egg and some toast or crackers for ‘recovery’ food.
I’d wait a little before egg drop soup. Start with clear liquids as it helps and move up from there. Don’t rush Gatorade, it is a sports drink for a reason.
Awwww @Buttonstc, I hope you heal and recover quickly.
Take good care.

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I’d just try to eat some stuff that’s appealing but not too heavy. Yogurt, soup, toast, fruit.

I had diarrhea once (for extended period of time – chronic) and probiotics did nothing.

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I normally do gatorade -> saltines -> soup when I am so sick I vomit water I try to drink.

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I use the (now mostly discredited) BRAT diet for a short while Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, Toast.
My goal is to get calories in until my stomach settles.and those foods seem to go down easily for me.
Butter the toast and put jelly on it to give it a boost.

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Once your stomach settles down and you are able to handle solids like @LuckyGuy suggests, then you can add some probiotics to your diet. I uses Good Belly probiotic juice, available in the dairy section at Whole Foods and other markets.

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I go slow with bland foods and let nature do its thing. I do not use probiotics – I let the stomach flora reconstitute at its own pace.

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Thanks all. I’m hoping to find an Asian place around here which uses real unadulterated rice because the parboiled stuff is just all these tiny hard grains no matter how long they’re cooked.

Real rice dissolves into a nice gruel after long cookkng which is comforting. I have yet to find a place that has Congee (broken rice soup) on the menu.

Also, I had no idea that Pedialyte comes in anything other than that thick sticky sweet stuff. I tried that about 5 years ago and it was just too vile, even tho diluted.

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