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Do you trust people to stick to benign uses of technology like this?

Asked by Jeruba (49496points) August 7th, 2016

Or do you immediately start thinking of all kinds of disturbing possibilities, from training and discipline to security?

Smart shoes.

Tags as I wrote them: technology, electric shocks, training, aversion, security, tourism, shoes, unintended consequences.

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I think they have gone a bit too far. Some people have already become too dependent on the like of GPS and can get lost easily without them. This invention may further worsen the situation. Think about it, what if you suddenly lose access to the shoes or the shoes break down all of a sudden?

Or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t like seeing gadgets that take over things that human can already do well.

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That is a silly idea. Who says that is the most interesting way to go in a city? No ability to wander or explore.

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People never stick to benign uses of technology but these shoes seem harmless. You can always take them off.

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I think it’s a little scary how much of technology allows us to be more and more brain lazy.

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Um, my only issue is that this skips a critical development step. Where are the vibrating massage sneakers?

I need those.

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I tend to at least think about those things, but very rarely do they give me any concern. I am a pretty boring law-abiding citizen and I don’t think Google or the government actually give a shit where I go or what I do every day, beyond the things they obviously use such data for such as ad-targeting, which I consider harmless.

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When reading about a new innovative creation, the first thoughts are: “That would have come in handy when…” and “That would really benefit ___ for ___ purpose.” It isn’t until comments, such as yours @Jeruba, that the mind wanders to the potential misuse of the technology.

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Don’t we all own benign technology that’s been abandoned to the backs of closets and storage areas? I’m thinking of massaging foot baths, bread makers, waffle ovens, pasta machines, etc. Such things generally don’t get used and are easily forgotten. I’m guessing these “miracle” shoes would fit that category.

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I see no reason why I should distrust them. If they want to waste their money on technology that isn’t particularly useful; it make no difference to me.

It’s no different from someone owning an Apple Watch. I’d never buy one. But this is no cause to distrust someone. Some people just really love their gadgets. I say, let them.

Sorry but someone using a piece of technology you don’t like, isn’t a very good reason to mistrust them. Maybe if they had a very low paying job and they still managed to acquire these new technologies, I’d start to wonder.

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As far as In’m asked, it’s idiotic. But, if anyone wants to buy it, whatever.

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