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Why does my eyelid twitch?

Asked by LlamaPie (9points) August 8th, 2016

My eyelid muscle keeps involuntarily twitching. (My upper lid)
It is totally uncontrollable and it’s really bothering me.
It’s been spasming for about a day and a half now.
The spasms are mostly rather mild, but it’s really annoying when the spasm gets so strong, it almost forces me to close my eye completely – but it’s also twitching, when my eye is closed.

I have read, that the cause might be stress, and I am diagnosed with stress, but I don’t know if this is true.

Should I call my doctor or is there a chance it will fade away by itself?

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The cause of eye spawns is normally a lack of porper rest. You need to take more sleep. If the eye spawns don’t stop then you may consider going to the doctor.

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Lay off caffeine a bit if you drink it.

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Pretty sure this happens to everyone sometimes, it’s not dangerous, it will go away on its own.

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Perfectly normal. Like said excessive caffeine can trigger it.

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Maddening, isn’t it, @ LlamaPie? It periodically happens to me when I’m overly tired or feeling stressed. Mmmm, I’m surprised my eyes aren’t twitching 24/7 !.

A cool or warm wash cloth—I can’t remember which works better—usually calms it down.

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@LlamaPie , are you getting enough good sleep? how are you with caffeine (coffee/tea/chocolate/energy drinks)?‘what is your current stress level like?

Imbalance in any of these things can cause various tics, including eyelid twitches.

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