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What three things do you look for in a mate?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17719points) August 9th, 2016

For me it is conciderate, BFF, and tall. What are yours and what is the political correct answer? For fun what is the politically incorrect answer? Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Dumb people annoy me.

Mean people suck.

‘Cuz I can be a pill.

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Honest, cuddly, responsible.

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I agree with @cookieman, but I’d add in sense of humour. I need someone who doesn’t take life or themselves too seriously. I like to laugh.

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Similar positions on children, drugs and alcohol, and someone who would care for me.
Anyway, that’s the serious answer.
My wife was all that, and more. As most of you know, my wife is deaf, so she enjoyed foreign films and silent films almost as much as I did.

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Great sense of humor

But there is no way that just those three would cover it all

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One thing I like best about my husband is he is warm. He’s like a heater. I’m cold all of the time, and it’s amazing how the discomfort of being cold and finally finding a source of heat can cause you to fall in love. It must release oxytocin. I guess I can compare him to hot chocolate and sunshine.

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Affectionate, smart, patient.

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Two medium sized firm tits & a functioning vagina, the rest is just bells & whistles :D

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Strong, girthy tentacles, aphrodisiac mucus, and a mouth big enough to swallow me whole.

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I think there are three requirements:

1) independently wealthy. She can pay for her won stuff; she can pay for me too. She ought to be able to support her own lifestyle. She shouldn’t have expectations for financial support in any way. I’m a strong believer in feminism and women’s lib – and that means economically she should be as independent as I am.

2) Stunningly beautiful – although my definition of that changes from day to day. Body in proportion to head; she should be so attractive that makeup isn’t required to make her glow and exude her beauty. She should be comfortable in her skin.

3) She should know how to read.

Yes, I am being tongue in cheek here. The fact is that any/all requirements like this are vapid and silly. Relationships with a SO are always fluid and a balance. The idea of finding three requirements is just plain nuts. Every person is their own mixture.

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@ragingloli She’s out there somewhere just hankering for you. :D

Intelligence and humor
Kindness and warmth

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A strong sense of empathy, shared interests, similar sex drive.

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I found someone with much smarts, stunning beauty and a strong sense of humor.

I wanted kindness too but as a famous English sage once said, you can’t always get what you want.

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I never really considered it, which is probably a very fortunate thing. I was never looking for a mate, and as a result, some truly wonderful women managed to “get away”. But those days are decades in the past. I swear I have no idea why I’ve always found my wife so appealing, and she still gets annoyed with me when she pops up before me and I just stare at her while grinning like a fool. She accuses me of laughing at her, but that isn’t right. Whether she’s stumbling into the kitchen half asleep searching for coffee in those frumpy pajamas, or appearing before me on her way to the school loaded down with backpack, purse, ukulele and guitar cases, seeking that goodbye kiss like an infantrywoman in full gear on her way to Fallujah, I’m just sort of overwhelmed. The grinning is about just how ridiculous it is that she still has this effect on me.

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