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Do you often reminisce about your childhood?

Asked by kidvisionary (97points) August 10th, 2016

I do it all the time. Just yesterday I was listening to some 90’s music and it took me back to the good old days. I am 27 and I miss the 90’s so much. A time when life was simple. I miss the music, movies, TV shows, lifestyle, toys, games, etc. I know some of these things they still have today which is nice. I wish I grew up during the 80’s, seemed like a good time. If it was anything like the movies from the 80’s.

What do you miss most about the 90’s & 80’s? which ever applies to you.

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Yupper, all the time! It was the ‘60s for me.

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Yes, and the tendency increases with age.

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Not so much. I tend to reminisce about the times before my divorce when we were an intact family and the kids were home.

imrainmaker's avatar doesn’t matter in which decade you’re born you’ll always remember the childhood days because those are the most beautiful days of your life. Carefree and full of enjoyment.

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@imrainmaker Not for everyone. Some people are abused in childhood and can’t wait to escape it.

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No. Childhood wasn’t all that great for me, and I’m honest with myself enough to recognize that the simpler times were only simple because I was a child without the cares, complications and concerns of adulthood.

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Some. 1960’s, coming of age in the 70’s (what a trip!) Mostly in comparison to today’s kids.

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Yeah @janbb I was going to add that disclaimer.. depends how you’re brought up..

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I don’t miss the music, movies or tv of the 1960’s. I don’t miss stuff.

I miss zooming around on my bicycle with my friends, going fishing, climbing fences and trees, crawling into caves. I pretty much miss the unsupervised outdoors things I did as a kid.

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You don’t miss Laugh In or Carol Burnett or even…..LASSIE???!! What about Johnnie Quest? Or…or…HR Puffnstuff and Witchy Poo??

Yeah, it blows my mind that my grandkids refuse to crawl under our back deck. It’s tall enough for them to sit upright, and large enough for 8 of them. It’s enclosed except for a little square door we made for the dogs, who use it all the time.
It blows my mind that I have to encourage my grandkids to crawl a short distance through the storm pipes that run under streets. You couldn’t have kept me out of them as a kid.

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@Dutchess_III , I liked Laugh In and Carol Burnett, not the others. I think of Carol Burnett as being of the 70’s, not the 60’s and some of the humour in her shows was timeless. Laugh In was more time-specific and doesn’t hold up as well. But… tv time was very much a small part of my childhood. I wanted to be outside all the time. Éven reading was better outside (still is, I spent many Sundays on my porch, reading).

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I just visited my mother, she still lives in the home where I grew up. Also I saw a couple of high school friends for the first time in over 30 years. So lots of reminiscing.

Bonus points: I slept on my Snoopy sheets.

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Not really. I was unconscious for most of it.

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I read a lot, lot, lot too. I went up on the roof to read. I’d park myself on my horse’s back, on my stomach, propped on his rump with my elbows and read. I read, read, read. When I wasn’t playing hide and go seek and baseball and exploring outside. Building rafts to float along the creek in back.
My favorites were the Black Stallion series. What were yours @BellaB? Little Women just tore me up.
We kids also read our encyclopedias. That’s how my sister was able to identify the snake that bit her as a water moccasin, because of the pictures in the encyclopedia.

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@Dutchess_III , I liked Anne of Green Gables, but I started reading adult books like the Jalna series when I was pretty young. I came at Little Women sideways as my dad bought me one of the books from the middle of the series (Rose in Bloom) when he was on a business trip. Eloise was also a childhood favourite, even though they weren’t books for children. Having parents learning English at the same time as me made for interesting reading choices.

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I’ll bet! What was their first language?

I remember, not long after HS graduation, a high school friend, who I think had a crush on me all those years, sent me some gifts from California, where he moved to after graduation. One of them was the book Shogun. Man. Great book! Took me over a week to read it though, among work and everything else.
When I was finished my dad almost immediately picked it up and started reading. When he was at work, Mom was reading it. I was….amazed and thrilled. It was the first book I’d read that they’d shown interest in as well.
I asked my Dad, “Well, .... why did you wait until I was finished? Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to read it first and I could read it later?” I mean, Dad was the Boss of me.
He said, “Val, that would have just been rude! Sure I could have pulled rank, but I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me.”
I felt so….respected. It was the first time I kinda felt like an adult. My dad was a good Boss of me.

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Yes. I miss recess.

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60’s kid here too and on occasion I remember something fun about my childhood/teen years. I have a daughter almost your age ( she is 28, turns 29 in Nov. ) and I love a lot of the 90’s music. The 80’s were rather benign for me, had my daughter, that was eventful, but the 70’s were my time, lots of fun back then indeed.
Right now though, I tend to reminisce about the “good old days” pre- recession before I was financially destroyed.

I think about my darling little house that I lost, my hot tub, a pet I had to re-home and my happy, carefree days when I was comfortable and not poverty stricken and bankrupt.

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I held a £5.00 note in my hand this morning and thought how wonderful it would have been to have held that note in my hands when I was a kid. I probably cast a glance back to my childhood most days.

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When I saved up $13.00 from my allowance. THIRTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes—when I can @&?%$” remember it. Growing old isn’t for sissies.

Fortunately, discovering and exploring sex in my early teens are memories that never fade, thank goodness.

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I remember when I first got a whole shilling (5p) pocket money. I did what I thought was the logical thing to make sure it was safe. I buried it. Then I couldn’t find it and I had to dig over half the garden to get it again.

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Very often and the memories are vivid.

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@Dutchess_III Oh my, you are triggering memories. I too loved reading on the roof of my house under a big plum tree and also lounging around on my horse bareback. I loved the Walter Farley books and I remember, probably around 5th grade being obsessed with Nanch Drew mysteries. I spent an entire summer devouring like 200 titles. haha
Also, marathon Monopoly games with my friends.

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Umm not at all, I’m glad it’s over.
(But I do like stuff from the 80s & 90s, music and films mostly)

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First time I ever heard the name “Mitch” was in his books, @Coloma. He was the #2 character. I thought it was a funny name! But man…were those books ever cool. Parts reminded me of Tom Sawyer.

Little House on the Prairie. All of ‘em.

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Dude!! He was born in 1915, @Coloma!

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Sometimes, especially when there’s something about kids today that makes me tick. Being 21, doing that really makes me feel old.

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I miss my young, pain free body. And not having to work and pay bills.

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Yes, all the time. I was one of those with an abusive childhood. But still there were plenty of good times outside of that. I miss the times when I did feel carefree. I miss when everything was new and curious and exciting. My teenage years were very good. My abusive father had died by then. My mother was happier, the household was so different, and I just blossomed.

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I don’t stare into space thinking about it for hours, but occasionally thoughts pop into my head about the house that my grandparents owned or the apartment I lived in when I was little, or places I went with my mother and family, and stuff like that.

I had a great childhood. Loving, supportive family and a great mother. We lived in a wonderful, fairly affluent neighborhood outside of NYC and we could walk a lot of places. In those days, children could walk a lot of places, too, either alone or with friends. My grandparents lived in a big Victorian house that had a lot of old collectible stuff in it (stuff from the 50’s and 60’s). My grandmother used to bake and have the neighborhood kids over. We used to hang out in the back yard and take trails down to the river. The house was like a member of the family, and when both of my grandparents were dead and the house was sold when I was 30, it was really like losing a beloved family member.

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