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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 1st, 2008 from iPhone


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Team switzerland ;)
Nah I mean I think she’ll ultimately end up with Edward… well she has to… so I guess that means I’m team Edward if you’re picking, but I can sympathise with Jacob too and I have nothing against him. I don’t really like the whole teams thing. Just calm down and enjoy the last book… it’s out today!

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Edward, of course! I mean, I feel for Jacob and I see where he’s coming from, but he really needs to get over himself. Edward and Bella are gonna be together, and that’s that.
I really need that last book… =/

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jacob is nice but honestly, why would she ever give up edward?
i’d give anything to have a boy like either of them, haha.

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Is this book really any good? I love vampire stories. Is this more of a book for adolescents and young adults? If I don’t like Harry Potter, will I like this?

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@ tinyfairy I will let my daughter answer this one because she is a twilight addict…. This book is not only for adolescents. Both my mom and I love it!! I myself am not a fan of Harry Potter at all. These books are so addictive and fun to read. I would def recomend!—Gooch’s daughter Hailey

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Thanks Hailey and Gooch.

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as much as i detest this series, edward >>> jacob.

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This is one of those very rare times that I hate where I live. We’re not getting Breaking Dawn until the 4th. Unfair!

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Team Switzerland!

Although I don’t think Bella deserves either of them.

(Breaking Dawn was very good in my opinion, but I heard a lot of people hated it.)

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Faults on both sides:
Jake: immature, jerk after tent scene in Eclipse, ran away without defined purpose
Edward: left Bella, obviously…but he had good reasons

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team edward

i like jacob but edward is way better

taylor lautner is way hotter than robert pattinson

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Im on team jedward!

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