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Do you think that you are good at being objective?

Asked by PriceisRightx26 (1255points) August 30th, 2016

E.g., while taking personality quizzes or describing how you handle certain situations. Is it something you ever think about or do you just go with the first answer that pops into your head?

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Not 100%. There will always be some bias that will hinder my judgement. There is no hope to eliminate all bias, being objective is just to reduce the bias as much as possible.

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I suck at it in certain situations. Other situations I’m good. The one that I suck at the most is medical problems, and dealing with medical professionals.

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Personality quizzes have no right or wrong answers. They just try to get your personal opinion.

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No, I get too emotionally involved to maintain any objectivity.

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I always try to be and find in certain situations I do take longer to formulate an opinion on things. Plus the older I get the more I find myself not trusting pretty much anyone. Almost everybody has an angel and that on some level they are merely out for themselves, as a friend they will bail on you or flat out stab you in the back

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Hmm, if I say that I’m lousy at being objective, wouldn’t that in itself be an instance of objectivity? In which case, am I really lousy at being objective?

If I say I’m good at being objective, isn’t that what I would likely think if I were actually bad at being objective?

The best answer I can give is that I’ve done enough reading of research to know that we’re all blind to our own biases. At best, we can recognize that we’ll continue to fall into the same fallacies over and over, without seeing that we’re doing it. Even the folks who study these biases aren’t immune to them. So yeah, sure, I’m marvelously objective.

By the way, since you mention tests, a well-designed psychological test (e.g. personality test) will take into account the subject’s unreliable objectivity. There are many mechanisms test designers use to get around this.

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It depends entirely on context.

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I try my best in most situations, but I can’t tell I am successful at it.

Can one be completely objective anyways? Probably not, it’s kind of inhuman.

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Oh, yes. Entirely, and without doubt or reservation. If I think something is true, then it’s true. Because, of course, it’s I. And not somebody else. Who might be wrong and probably is. Especially if they disagree with me.

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I’m going to say yes because I don’t know what ‘being objective’ means. It doesn’t mean I don’t recognise bias when I see it, that isn’t quite the same thing, but when you get down to it everything is opinion.

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Sorry no, prone to going off in all sorts of often irrelevant tangents

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