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What are your thoughts with 9/11 Anniversary approaching?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) September 9th, 2016

Now there isn’t much Al-Queda threat i suppose after removal of Osama but with rise of ISIS / their followers do you feel worried that they can try to plan more attacks around this time to get more attention?

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I think it will end up like the Alamo and Pearl Harbor in memory and never forgetten. Yes the terrorists are still planning what can do the most psychological damage.

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As far as I’m concerned, the point of greatest significance is studiously ignored, and goes unmentioned by our vacuous politicians as well as what passes for the national press.
There is no discussion of the
obvious, and the focus remains on suffering snd heroism to the deliberate exclusion of the unpleasant truth. But the systemic neglect of this issue will cost us our democracy. And what is the BIG issue that nobody talks about?

It’s simply that Osama was successful beyond his wildest dreams. And it isn’t the towers or the thousands of dead that are his great achievement. The real victory for bin laden is in making America afraid, and I’ve tried hard to think of another individual to match his significance in changing our way of life. We need rather desperately to get a grip on this fact and take a hard, realistic and objective view of the probable consequences to us of “living in fear”. For instance, there’s nothing that can match perpetual fear when it comes to enhancing the allure of a police state.

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I always half eclectic to hear about a new attack, but typically the day just passes.

I get sick of seeing the replays of the planes hitting in slow motion. Disgusting videos of people jumping to their deaths. It’s as if the media doesn’t care we’re watching people die a terrible death. It should be a day of mourning, contemplation, and respect for the many dead. Instead it’s a circus of highlights from the day, and of course, time for the conspiracy theories to fly more than the flag.

It’s sad. 9/11 is just sad.

Perhaps America can mind it’s own business, and such attacks won’t occur again.

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That for a friend/ex-coworker of mine it is the anniversary of his brother’s death.

That my sister still has some psychological affects from that day. The phone calls I received from her for days after and what she went through.

That the moment the second plane hit I called my dad to make sure my mom wasn’t in a government building near DC. I knew instantly we were under attack at that point, even though I didn’t have the sound on on my TV (I was talking to my sister, who had called wanting to know if I saw what had happened) and no one was saying terrorism yet.

That it was utterly ridiculous that anyone thought all that debris pollution was “safe” to breath. I never thought that.

That the people running the underground subways that morning did incredible things to clear out the stations and tunnels to keep thousands of people safe, and hardly anyone knows it. Train operators (drivers) made decisions without the ability to communicate with central. They manually released emergency brakes that had come on (an average man has difficulty doing this, it takes quite a bit of strength and leverage) that brought the train and passengers to safety. The person in charge of transportation that day made quick decisions that this was a major emergency and to clear stations even before the second plane hit, while above ground people in charge were telling people in the second tower to stay put and not evacuate. The supervisor also went down into the tunnels to release emergency brakes to get the trains moving out of the nearby tunnels.

That it brings back memories of video of some of the horrors of that day that I wish I didn’t know about.

That life can change in a moment.

A reminder that people hate and can be destructive.

How people come together for each other in crisis.

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- I watched the second plane hit. The first I had thought there was pilot error on the two separate NYC airports.
– The school shut down any mentions of what was going on. How do you do so when at that time kids in my 11–12 grade classes were getting calls from their parents to check on their safety?
-I disconnected the school tv station (it was a vocational subject class) on my room television and hotwired the live news.
– I had a world map pulled down over ½ of the chalkboard (it was huge and full of detail, thank heavens) no one knew where the countries the killers were from or any connections.
-We talked, cried, and feared every period, all day. It effected me so much, I have never passed an anniversary without strong emotions.
– We – the CIA, trained Bin Laden how to fight the Russians in Chechnya, he just also used the methodology on his governmental instructors and countries.
-We unwittingly facilitated the begininng of ISIS in Guantomino Bay.
-The flag of the day from the iconic pix of the firemen erecting a makeshift pole was finally returned after it was stolen the very next day after the attacks. I’m glad it is now where it should be. Encased within the museum.
-The bewildering lack of health care for first-responders and those who cleaned up is upsetting for me.
-The families, etc., who are unable to recover personal effects of their loved ones because of the fear by the government concerning false claims has halted the process. Those wedding bands, jewelry, and personal effects are some of the only things left for those who had no body found and returned to allow them some closure also.
-I believe this type of attack will occur again on our shores in the US, along with all the other places around the world.
It changed everything. Forever.
Fear for attacks on the Remembrance Ceremonies? No. Word has gone out to some friends from those areas, now living in the US, to lie low in daily activities and presence. That is sad also.
If you believe that what I have written is too long- tough luck. Don’t waste your time! Skip reading and go get a book of one-page novels. Readers Digest abridged novels books come to mind also. I take the fun out of everything! Tsk.Killjoy! :)

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For me it is a given that people in our world hell bent on causing death and destruction on us and other countries. I was in a plane on a long distance flight on 9/11 oblivious to the horrors unfolding at those early hours of that day. My memory of that day will forever be upon landing and as the cell phones were turned on and the ensuing screams and crying of the first words of the tragedy that has unfolded. Then add in the sight and sounds of the soldier from the Indiana National guard waving an M-16 at me and my family and screaming at us to get the fuck out of the terminal as we scampered off the plane.

Yeah…I expect we will have to endure more terror attacks tomorrow….but I have faith that we as Americans will be brave and strong to do whatever it takes to fight back against these terrorists like the passengers of flight 93 did 15 years ago.

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No use in worrying about things you cannot predict. 9–11 was a tragic event in our history but I am not one that believes in keeping bad things in our memories forever. It happened, it sucked, but it’s in the past now and I see no point in dredging up the horror of that day every-single-year on the anniversary date.

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The war goes on and will continue for the unforeseeable future.

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Ha. I just checked the calendar. If not for this question, tomorrow would have passed like any other day, only I will be in this continuing downpour and doing my inside work while the dogs stare in boredom. I will probably think back and remember what we were like before 9/11, as I often do, and what changes we have accepted since. The Patriot Act. The paranoia. The arguments. The wars. The debt. The blood.

I don’t sit in ritual and experience once again the images of that disaster in NYC. I think more in terms of how much ground they they took from us, how they forced us to change, how we caved and continue to do so in our attitudes and our laws. I think more in terms of what @stanleybmanly describes above. And I don’t think about it on just one certain day of the year. I think about it a couple of times a year when the subject comes up.

It was very much like a national rape. And as a nation, we have been suffering the same reactions and damage to our national psyche as any rape victim.

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It is a mixed bag for me. I feel sorrow for those who lost friends and family in the attack. I feel pride in how the firefighters and others responded in time of crisis, I am appalled at how we allowed our own government to usurp our rights and impose restrictions on us. I am still not convinced that our own people were not somehow involved in order to further their own aims and line their own pocketbooks.

But to be truthful, I knew no one who was personally involved and so my feelings seem to be rather distant and perhaps somewhat self-serving.

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Sad. Watched a documentary of a replay of an original NBC newscast covering the first 3 hours beginning immediately after the first plane it. It was kind of eerie knowing what was going to happen and they didn’t. At one point they got a call from the Pentagon….which hadn’t been hit yet.

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