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How can I avoid sugar cravings at night?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) September 11th, 2016 from iPhone

So I’m really trying to eat better. Years ago I cut out all beverages besides water out of my diet. My soda cravings have disappeared now. I’m working on cutting out fast food and have found some delicious healthy homemade meals! But still it’s a work in process. My biggest downfall are sweets! Usually during the day I don’t crave sweets but every night as im starting to relax, I get this horrible horrible craving for sweets! I’ve had the bad habit of going and getting ice cream at night to stop it. I don’t keep ice cream at home.

I was thinking of buying a bag of mini Reese’s and just having one of those at night instead. I’m sure that’s a little healthier than ice cream. But there has to be a legit healthy way to get rid of these cravings! Please help!

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Maybe have a glass of water instead of sugar.

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Fruit works well.

Or if that’s not sweet enough, honey on some bread is sweeter and you control the amount.

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Or a glass of chocolate milk?

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I have the same problem. Sugar is highly addictive and when you get used to having nightly sweets the cravings are very much there.
Like anything it takes time to adjust. One thing I did was buy a bunch of Tootsie Pops instead of ice cream and other sweets, like chocolate.

I would allow myself one Tootsie Pop and suck on that while watching a movie or video or reading. It helped and they are low in fat, not too sugary and only 60 calories. I am coming off of an ice cream bender right now. I, seriously, didn’t have ice cream for years and then, starting a couple months ago in the hot weather have been eating a big bowl of ice cream at least 3 or so nights a week. Had to stop, it was getting outta control. haha

Fruits are good and I am also a Watermelon addict, sadly the season is coming to an end but cutting up a bog bowl of watermelon and keeping it in the fridge is a great go to for an evening snack when you are craving something sweet. Low cal, healthy, Vit. C, fiber and mostly water.

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@funkdaddy Fruit is a better option. I would like a banana and strawberries for a midnight snack.

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Another great snack is lite, Vanilla yogurt with either sliced strawberries of blackberries. You can buy bags of frozen blackberries, one of the only fruits that is not in some sort of sugary syrup, and defrost a handful of those and mix in with your yogurt. Delicious!

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Eat enough during the day so you aren’t hungry at night.

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Hi, I might think, in your cases, water can help lots. When it comes to sugar craving, you should try to drink a cup of water. The water greatly helps the craving keep away from you and reduce the demand for food. The ideal time to drink water is before each meal.

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You can try to sleep well during night or get distraction from sugar cravings. When it comes to sugar craving or you really want to eat something, you can have a walk, take a shower or chat with friends.

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