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Are there food scents that make you giddy?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) September 19th, 2016

Setanta knows that if he’s in trouble and/or wants me to be in a good mood, there better be eau de grilled ognion in the air when I open the front door. Are there any food scents/odors that make you really happy?

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The smell of food in my house.

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Fresh ground coffee, fresh picked herbs like basil and oregano, of course fresh cut roses and hyacinths, the jacuzzi filled with Dr. Teals epsom salts and lit scented candles around the tub, the smell of a gentle ocean breeze, top of a new babies head, fresh cut grass, a gentle rain, crayons, anything slow roasting in the oven and piping hot pie right out of the oven.

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Cinnamon and vanilla makes me happy.
Not a food, but burning leaves too.

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When I’m hungry, all food smells good.

The best is when I’m really, super hungry and it’s Thanksgiving Day and all those aroma’s are blending so beautifully. Makes me want to faint!

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The smell of peppers. Not the chili ones, but the big red ones. They have a very sweet taste and smell wonderful when they are fried.

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Mushrooms. Gods, I love mushrooms.

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Mushrooms and onions sauteing together. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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‘Bunny chicken!’.

No, not as weird as you think. My boyfriend who is learning how to cook, makes the best chicken and it smells amazing, very drool worthy. Oh, and I call him bunny, just to explain!

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When belly is empty all foods looks like a goat meat.

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Chicken! Delicious spicy curry chicken! Oh and kebabs! Oh oh and biryani! They make me go weak in my knees! Damn I can’t wait for the weekend now.

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The fragrance when I split open water chestnut. The smell when I add and mix butter in to spaghetti. The smell of sushi, tom yum, and laksa, all my favourite food.

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@Joell – you’re making me want to take a walk on Gerrard East and sniff all the scents coming out of the Indian buffet houses.

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@BellaB Mera Saubhagya! :)

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