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Can black pepper go bad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) September 25th, 2016

We’re camping this weekend in the RV. I’m frying some potatoes and onions in butter. The first batch just smelled awful and tasted bad so I tossed it.
However I attributed it to the fact that I’d cut the potatoes up on Friday (today is Sunday.) I’d tossed them in a zip lock bag with some olive oil. On Friday I only used half of what I cut up, and the other half has been sitting in the bag. They were a bit brown so as I started cooking, and smelling, them I figured it was the storage the messed them up so I tossed them and started over.
This new batch was fine….until I put pepper on them and now they smell off too.
I’m guessing the pepper is about a year old. It’s been stored in a glass pepper shaker in a cabinet in the RV.
So is pepper bad? Or am I just hung over maybe?!

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You are hung over. Is the olive oil fairly fresh or is it old? Oil can go rancid.

Pepper is a dried spice, peppercorns last ages. They would only be damaged if they got wet/damp and mildewed a bit.

Don’T store food in the RV.

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Yes mother!
Thanks. Yeah I only keep the pepper and salt in here but I won’t any more. This morning I needed some cinnamon but didn’t have any. I need to get a tin and put all my spices in it so I can just haul it in and out of the house when we do trips.
Yeah I think it’s ok now. Thanks.

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Pepper won’t go bad. it will just become weaker and less potent over time (kinda like men.. :-))

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@janbb – nasty nasty nasty

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Black pepper can get stale – but that usually just means less and less flavour .

Did you smell the pepper before you used it? it seems like that would be a good habit to get into.

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I lift a glass to toast both you and your hangover!

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This is so funny as just the other day I discovered a tin of black pepper that was, supposedly,
” best used by” Aug. of 2014. I used some last night because I was out of my preferred white pepper. I am still alive. haha
@janbb Hilarious!

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Pepper generally will be usable IF stored properly. The fact that said pepper was stored in an RV that I have to assume was not maintained at a cool constant temp and that this pepper could have seen elevated temps that could cause a change in chemistry of the pepper. I wish I could post a link but I have read many Google pages that hint at pepper being very susceptible to elevated storage temps and humidity that I would associate with the off flavors you experienced.

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Black pepper won’t go “bad”.
Unless stored in a humid environment. Then it can mold.

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I second what @ibstubro said. Keep pepper in cool, DRY place, WELL sealed. And not a very spacious container, either. (More air in the container, more condensation.)

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I have pepper that is probably 3 years old in my cupboard. It is whole kernel though, maybe that makes a difference.

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Ur hanged overs.
by a gryndor fer da RC.
Hare of the god.

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Thanks you guys. The pepper was still good, but I agree. I shouldn’t store it in the RV, and especially not in the shaker. I shall remedy that as soon as I shake off this hang over. Bleh.

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I’d buy a pepper grinder. One of the disposable ones with a lid would be perfect. The corns stay fresher, longer, and the lid will keep bugs out.

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and with the grinder, you can make the pepper flakes big or small to your liking.

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I have an extra, but I doubt it’s worth the 5.5 hour drive. :-)

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