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Which is the best, most effective, most efficient way to make ice water?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28884points) September 25th, 2016

Put water in the cup and add ice?

Have ice in the cup and pour the water over?

Is there any physics proof that would prove the case one way or another?

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If you add ice to water, you will Exeter not submerge all the ice, or you will spill water over the rim.

If you pour water over ice, you will add as much water as possible without spilling. And you will cool more liquid as it pours over the ice.

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I do not see any reason why it would make any difference.

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First you must define measurable parameters for best, most effective and most efficient.

But if you do that, you’ve already lost the efficiency. Just pour your water over ice and don’t worry about it.

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@zenvelo – Exeter? Is that a submarine?

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If your goal is to make the ice last longer, I’d imagine adding ice after the water would be best. My reasoning being that if you do the reverse, you will be generating more motion in the liquid, which should cause the ice to melt faster, if only briefly.

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Raise the air pressure in the water to freeze. Lower the air pressure to boil.

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I put the ice first. I think you’re more likely to get more ice in the glass. how much water are you going to put in the glad if you put water first? Hard to know.

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@elbanditoroso Auto -correct on my iPad. Geez.

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Let ice melt.

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Ice or water first, doesn’t matter. But do use the coldest water available.

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