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How do people create chatrooms?

Asked by nickells (2points) August 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Kind of like how cool webchattr and minouchat look (all iPhone chats) how do they make it? Do they download stuff? I have a website already to put a chatroom on, but I don’t understand how to create one without using any free HTML chatroom codes. It’s cool how people can pull it off like that. I searched google and wikipedia and yahoo forever but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

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Most modern chat-rooms are built using AJAX and a server-side language to process things & interact with a database. Or you could go down the Java or Flash route. It’s no small task to build a nice, usable, reliable chat-room.

Do you have much experience with web dev? Any server-side languages (PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, etc.)? If not, I don’t think chat room applications are the logical place to start.

Try searching for some more basic tutorials for your chosen language and once you get a hang for it and understand the processes, you’ll be in a much stronger position to try to create complex applications of your own.

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You could try Campfire. There’s no shame in using a hosted solution. . But yes, you would need to learn a programming language such as PHP to implement this yourself.

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Alternatively, you could also use Ajax IM that you could customize for your own taste or simply host it on a server and you’ll have your very own IM service

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