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Has Donald Trump been a king long too long to serve the public?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17707points) October 5th, 2016

CEO, king all the same. Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Oh yeah. That’s a good way to put it. Puts me in mind of the Man in the Iron Mask.

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He has no interest in serving the public. He has an interest in enriching himself, and to hell with everyone else.

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I’m going back and forth with a guy I used to work with. He’s a Trumpet (and I can’t express my disappointment it that.) We reassured each other from the beginning that we still like each other, so I think we both soften our punches.

Anyway, he said something about Hillary being non-productive. I laughed and said, “Well, I do think Trump WILL be “productive,” from his POV, anyway. He’ll get to work trying to find a way to wipe out all government finances, in every account, and find an excuse to wipe out all citizen’s finances, and ship the funds to an unmarked, offshore bank in the Cayman islands. If that’s not productive I don’t know what is! I mean, that would be the ultimate!

Well, he actually took me seriously, LOL! He said “Wow, that was about the most twisted thing I have ever read. Do more research before you post things like that! Do you mind if I share this on my page for others to see?”

I said, “No, because it was a joke. It was a gross over-exaggeration.
But what you CAN share is that he is running for president for whatever financial gain HE can get from it. He is NOT running to better the lives of the citizens of the United States.
He has 0 moral compass, and 0 empathy. He could care less what happens to the rest of us as long as he comes out ahead.
He has lived his WHOLE LIFE that way. He has no regrets, no guilt. Why would anyone think he’d change now? Why would anyone think he’d do anything but abuse the system for his own personal, financial gain?”

There was no more talk of sharing after that.

And it just floors me that he would take what would be obvious to most as extreme sarcasm literally.

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This is a great question. Yes.

Most uber wealthy are detached from reality. Trump is but another example. Especially if you start off wealthy.

The legs of the high horse on which he sits are so tall, he can’t see the ground.

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Trump does not have an altruistic bone in his body.

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I would debate altruism in another thread.

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There is no question that a growing economy would benefit Trump. So what, it benefits all of us. Hillary has no plan to grow the economy she thinks it’s fine the way it is. A growing economy will help almost every problem we have. I’ve never understood this obsession to punish success. Instead of trying to make the rich poor, we should be trying to give the poor a chance to gain wealth. You can’t do that by punishing business which is the engine for growth. At least Trump understands how the economy works and what a budget is for. Hillary neither knows nor cares. Her wealth is created by selling favors. She doesn’t care if the economy improves because the worse off we are the more money she gets for her favors.

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To answer in terms of the OP, IMHO Donald Trump has been king too long. Let’s take a look at his biography. He has known no hardship, he was raised in privilege.

It seems that he was so spoiled and undisciplined (IMHO), his father, Fred Trump, sent him to New York Military Academy. After a good but unremarkable lowerclass career, as a senior he was promoted to Class Captain. His overly disciplinarian and delegatory style, including a hazing incident, caused him to be “kicked upstairs” to an administrative role, outside the direct chain of command of his fellow students. (here is my main, but not only source for the previous paragraph)

After graduating from NYMA, he attended University of Pennsylvania. While attending university, he went to work for his grandmother and his father in what was then known as “Elizabeth Trump & Son”, and in 1968, according to the Wikipedia article, he officially joined the organization, and was given control of the company in 1971, when he changed the name of the company to “The Trump Organization”.

So, it seems to me that at least since 1971, his word has been largely unquestioned. The bottom line of any corporation, by definition, is to provide maximum profit for its shareholder(s), and Mr Trump has been extremely successful in that. That success has not been without controversy even before his run for the presidency, or his “reality” television career. In 1973 there was a civil rights action against The Trump Organization, alleging that the organization refused to rent to black tenants. There have also been consistent allegations of not paying for services, as reported here.

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^I’m glad you mentioned Trump’s lack of adversity. The presidency is pretty much all adversity, all the time.

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