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Would you be concerned if Donald Trump appoints his family to key political positions?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24351points) July 24th, 2016

Like secretary of state and others?

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I’d be way concerned if he was even in a position to do that.

I’d be amused if he tried to do it after losing the election.

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Well, he’s going to have to turn the business over to key family members, so that would eliminate them.

Honestly, I think if Trump wins he’ll delegate the majority of the responsibilities and that means you need competent people that know the ropes.
I’m probably more worried about him trusting Gingrich and Christy to play key rolls than I am his family.
The proven Assorted Nuts.

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If Melania is speech writer, we can look forward to some inspiring oratory (written by other people and used without attribution).

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Depends what position it is. None of them should be Sec’y of State!

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@ibstubro Thanks. His family will run Trump towers and other Trump businesses. Edit maybe it should be a blind trust? So it might not work to have family running the business?

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No, how could that be any worse?

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It would be funny if he tried. The confirmation hearings would be shown live on Comedy Central.

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The nation is collapsing. This is like asking if you care which end of the ship of state sinks first.

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The nation is collapsing.

Things are much better than 2008.

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He can try, but all Cabinet positions have to be confirmed by Congress.

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@Call_Me_Jay Perhaps you would like to start a new thread to discuss which things you are talking about.

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@SmartAZ You made the assertion. Feel free to expound.

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I meant that it’s off topic here.

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Feel free to expound in a new thread.

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No Blind Trust For Donald Trump: Kids Would Run Empire If He’s Elected President.

Ivanka is also in the running for taking over day-to-day business decisions.
The Donald can choose to run his company as he plays President Trump.

It gets wilder and wilder.
I’m pleased Trump went out of his way to piss the Cruz supporters off. But, hey, reaching out to transgendered women is sure to fill the gap?

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Like John F Kennedy appointing his brother to be Attorney General?

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Would I feel concerned if a megalomaniac demagogue filled crucial offices of public trust with people who had no qualifications for those offices, individuals who owed personal allegiance to him and had no history of commitment to service to the principles of a democratic republic?

Should I?

I’ve begun to suspect that what’s playing out here is actually a long con and this first part is just a setup.

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The Long Con. There’s your book, @Jeruba. An average citizen’s view of the Trump years. Please make it humorous. We’ll need a few laughs after it’s over.

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@Espiritus_Corvus, can’t you imagine him thinking, “The presidency is just a steppingstone. Why stop there?”

We could be needing Jim Phelps, John McClane, and maybe even James Bond before this thing is over.

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It could be a step into the 19th century when men took political offices specifically to eliminate their competitors using the influence of office to tweak the business environment to their own benefit. He could do it brazenly and it would take longer than four years to stop him. And I don’t think we would ever jail a former president. Just won’t happen. I could see him doing that. If he takes care of the right people, key people in Congress, the SEC, the banking and foreign trade committees, the Fed. He could get a lot done in four years. And he’ll always have that groveling following that admire him simply because he is wealthy and boisterous. They’ll ensure he gets a nice presidential library and an important airport named after him.

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Trump, nor any member of his family or circle of friends or anyone he likes or admires, should be allowed anywhere near government service at any level.

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It’s too late to be concerned about that.
..We should have been concerned a long time ago.

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Clinton will for sure include Bill, and there’s talk of Chelsea helping, too.

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Well, I think Bill might know a thing or two about running this country…

it’ll sure make for some interesting “back-of-the-house” conversations!

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Bill arguably caused the Financial Crisis by trying to make every American family buy a home of their own.
Aided, of course, by W. Bush, who was elected to reign in the excesses of 8 years of Democratic spending and instead showed all the financial restraint of Imelda Marcos at Reyer’s Shoe Store.

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Aided, of course, by W. Bush, who was elected to reign in the excesses of 8 years of Democratic spending

No. There was a surplus. The Democrats cleaned up the mess left by Reagan & Bush Sr. The Democrats were paying down the national debt, and Republicans were outraged with Clinton for it. They said paying down the deficit was irresponsible because it meant taxes were too high.

Then Bush Jr. ran up a record deficit as did every Republican since Ford..

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rein in (pull the reins, not reign like a king)

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I’m posting right after @Jeruba to juxtapose the glancing similarities between our avatards. ;-p

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@ibstubro Bill arguably caused the Financial Crisis by trying to make every American family buy a home of their own.

That argument can be shot down when you consider that ownership of a home has been a large part of the “American Dream” since FDR. The financial crisis was a direct result of deregulation which allowed banks to deal in securities with no firewall to protect deposits and such things as pension funds.

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