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Do they have to adjust?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 4th, 2008

When someone puts bigger rims and tires on their ride, is there anywhere to adjust for the difference in their speedometer reading, or do they just have to live with it?

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Yea you get a little gear that goes into your transmission which should support the larger tires and wheels.

At least that is what they do for trucks with big tires.

Otherwise enjoy getting off a speeding ticket or hope you find the difference beforehand.

Or if you get some ugly DUB wheels then .. i hope they get a scratch in them, what is the purpose of getting heavy freaking wheels which make the car so much worse in every aspect from the eye to handling and everything in between, and spend the money while doing it… I don’t get it.

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If both the tires and rims are bigger then yes the adjustment would need to be made; in many cases the bigger tire/rim combination will also have an effect on handling and acceleration, etc. so additional tuning may be necessary to bring the vehicle into specifications.

Many who get wide rims opt for “plus one/minus one,” in which for every inch added to the diameter if the rim, one inch is subtracted from the “thickness” of the tire; thus the “low profile” look where the rubber appears thinner.

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After replacing my 79 Vette’s stock wheel and tires with Michelin 50series. I then had to have my speedometer recalibrated. This was done at a Major retail tire place/shop. Which made a considerable difference. Like 30mph. Also had to have it done when I put Monster Mudders on my Toyota 4×4. Hope this helped. Good luck :-}

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Great answers, all! ‘preciate the help.

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