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She's just a friend, she knows i love her, she said she loves me, she told me she slept with someone else, what would you do?

Asked by scars2b (111points) August 4th, 2008
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More information please. By the way, welcome to the collective. If you use the Details sections to add context to your question, it is very helpful.

1. Were you just friends when she slept with someone else? Nowm you have since declared your love for each other?


2. You declared you love for each other, but since then she has slept with someone else.

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1. we were just friends. we are still friends but not exactly
2. she hasn’t

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Well, in that case, I’d say let it go. If you two weren’t really together at the time, I don’t see how she could be faulted for it. Making a big deal out it will probably just push her away.

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Since you were not romantically involved in an exclusive relationship, the fact that she slept with someone in the past should have no bearing on your feelings for her or on your relationship.

The fact that you two started out as friends is actually irrelevant to this discussion. We all arrive at relationships with pasts. Those pasts should stay in the past.

Take the time to read this very long thread for some information that I think you will find helpful to clarifying your thinking.

Good luck with the new relationship.

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I would let it go, most likely she does love you just not in the way you would like. I am/was in the same situation.. It’s really really hard to do, I had a lot of help from my good friend from tennesse jack daniels.. But to each his own!! Hope it works out for you.b

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@mexi/ameri…I have a feeling that scars2b may be too young to go the Jack Daniels route ;)

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Grab her and kiss her like you’ve never kissed anyone before. Try to make it work. You’ll know pretty quickly if it will work as a relationship or not.

But a good start is a good start, and spontaneous romance is usually a good start.

If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

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find another fish in the sea.

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@ninja, not bad advice… but that phrase has to be one of my most loathsome. Blech.

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looks like i have to find another fish, dammit. where’s that jack?

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Go for it. If you truly love her and she loves you, you can forget about these kinds of things and move on. Always, ALWAYS, at least try. If it doesn’t work out no one can say you didn’t at least try.

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If she was just a friend and we had not pledged our love and said we’d be only with each other===then it’s not really any of your concern. I’m not being mean, just straight up.

Until and until, you two vow love and monogamy——each can do as they please.

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Dump her fast!

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took forever, but finally its over. hahaha. dam another year went by!

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