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Will people ever learn that the world is probably not going to end anytime soon?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 9th, 2016

To hear the post election buzz, one would get the idea that the world was ending.

Except that’s the way about half the population talks after every general election.

And then it’s pretty much the same old shit.

Will people ever learn?

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If people EVER learned anything, Trump wouldn’t be in office.

As far as the world ending. We’ll see.

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The world is not going to end at all.
And people never learn anything anyways, as Grimm said.

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Yeah, was the same with our brexit & the ludicrous, hysterical reaction that followed.
Suck it up, accept it & move on with your lives, no other choice anyway.

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A bit will depend on how the stock market settles, or doesn’t.

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OK, we’re allowed to be scared. You just got what you wanted, the least you can do is let us be scared.

Let me explain one person’s point of view (mine). I know the world is not going to end. I am personally terrified because I am 24 and over my lifetime have had more than $1,000,000 in medical bills. If ACA gets overturned and the caps come back off I may be looking at paying medical bills out of pocket for the rest of my life. I am relatively financially fortunate for my age but not that fortunate.

I’m allowed to be scared.

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@Mariah Hide your money and declare bankruptcy. That’s what Trump did – at least 6 times.
You might end up being president! :-)

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Yeah. I’m pretty dependant on Obama care. I’m not sure how I’ll afford my meds if it’s revoked. Not sure about much right now.

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