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Have you given a name to an inanimate object?

Asked by filmfann (47819points) December 6th, 2016

I refer to my home as the Fortress of Solitude.
A friend of mine named her car “Norman”.
On Game Of Thrones, some sword have names, like “Needle” and “Oathkeeper”.
Do you have a name for a non-living object?

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Sure. My boat is the Compass Rose. My beat up old Jeep is Pig.

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My Mini Cooper Roadster is Bilbo Buggins.

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My taxidermied Grandma is called “Gertrude”.

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My car is named ‘Silver.” being a horse lover I can say ” Hi Ho Silver awaaaay!
I had a friend years ago that had an old Willys jeep named ‘Grendel.” I always loved that name for that Jeep.

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I have a heavily modified guitar and friends have given it the name “the beast”

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Uh, no. Naming (and anthropomorphizing) an inanimate object seems creepy and weird to me.

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@elbanditoroso Just a whimsical thing not creepy IMO.

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

Why would anyone not name a boat?

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Our Morgan 22 was named Penguin.

Coloma's avatar

I would name a boat ‘Morning Glory.” :-)

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Boaty McBoatface

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MANY times, although not too many where I could/would repeat the name given here. I always name my cars/trucks. The one I drive now is The Gray Ghost.

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My blue and white Mini Cooper is Smurfette.

ucme's avatar

I had this wank sock back when I was a teen, he was named the Sperminator

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@tinyfaery We have to talk minis sometime. I love mine.

Escha's avatar

I named my car Kazayuki, my cello was named M’lady, my violin was called strings and my oboe was named duck.

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My car is the Shuttlecraft. The one before that was the Tank. My first car was the Scooter.

I usually name my computers after computers in science fiction stories. The last one was Magrathea. This pc was named by @johnpowell so it’s just Seek PC.

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My cars are traditionally named after P.G. Wodehouse characters. My periwinkle Fit is called Percival.

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar

@ucme That little indiscretion probably sent @elbanditoroso hiding under his bed. LOL.

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My oboe was….uhhh not actually sure how to spell it. It was pronounced like “oboe-ee-oh.” I was 8 years old when I started playing the oboe.

My first laptop was Topster. I was 13. I haven’t named any of my computers since then.

I was not the most creative child when it came to naming things. I’d just add an “ee” sound to the end of the name of the object, much of the time.

That reminds me, when I got a turtle stuff animal at one point as a kid, I tried to apply my usual naming scheme, but “turtley” sounded too long or awkward or something, so I declared its name was “turty.” My mom had to explain to me that it sounded too similar to “turd” and that turd was not a nice word.

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@janbb I LOVE my car. When the one I have breaks down I will get a new Mini Cooper. I can’t imagine having any other car.

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@Espiritus_Corvus – correct. But not out of character for @ucme

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Our car is Merv the Swerve – in honour of a Kiwi tour operator called Mervin.
My Lenovo laptop is Lenny.
Our pool cleaner is Noah. As on Noah’s Ark – Shark.
I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure I’ve named a number of things.

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I call my black 55 chevy “Mr. Midnight”.
I call my white 55 Chevy “Miss Piggy”.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Perhaps in his haste to scurry under the bed @elbanditoroso found & got stuck on his own sock ;-}

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I have a stuffed beaver named Nick, stuffed dog named Bag, stuffed elephant named Bit, stuffed rabbit named Waver, stuffed spider named Danny, stuffed lion named Greek, stuffed penguin named Hobble, stuffed monkey named Kern… tired yet?

Not to mention hundred of lost toys that still bear their names. Oh, I remember a plastic lizard called Sity.

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@Mimishu1995: I love your stuffed animal names. Danny the stuffed spider is my favorite.

And…sure. My Roomba robot vacuum is named Mildred.

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I had a truck named “Great White” and my penis is named “Chuy” (for those unfamiliar with Spanish, this is pronounce “Chewey”). But, to be fair, he is not inanimate. Most of the time.

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My TV remote is “The Power,” the VCR remote is “Victor,” the amp remote is called “Amp” (? go figure!) and the silver DVD remote is called “Casper.”

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