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Do you check the weather report every day?

Asked by JLeslie (59828points) December 14th, 2016 from iPhone

I don’t. I can go weeks not checking the weather. Then sometimes I get on a jag where I check it more often.

It has a lot to do with where I live, and what season it is. When I live in Florida I easily go days and weeks without tuning to the weather, nor looking it up online/app. When I live in a snowy winter place I check the weather more. Mostly, I check it more regularly in the winter, but during the rest of the year not so much. Altjough, when I lived in TN they shoved the weather down your theist by interrupting your TV shows for hours sometimes regarding spring storms. Really really annoying.

I do notice the temperature outside when I drive my car. It’s on the dashboard. By then I know the temperature and current weather though; if I’m driving I’ve been outside obviously.

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I have no choice, got the weather app on my phone’s home screen & there it sits complete with temperature & everything.

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I am a weather junkie. I have five weather apps on my devices, each set to a bunch of different cities around the world. I am fascinated by meteorology, and love to discern patterns. I check the hyper-local radar to anticipate walking the dogs between rain spurts. I love it!

I live in southern New England and there is an odd confluence of patterns here, weather from the south and weather from the west often smash together right here, which can be, shall we say, interesting.
And hurricanes can be pretty devastating here, too.

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I don’t have to. I have a wife like @canidmajor who is a weather junkie. She turns on the tv in the morning and spends 20 minutes flipping between the local weather/news and the weather channel; if we have interesting weather she flips on the computer for the radar. She knows what the temps will be for the next week, what the chances of precip. are and when we are likely to get them. She has a radar app on her phone and two more on the computer.

I am more of a stick your head out the door and see what the weather is type of person. Either that or ask my wife.

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@rojo, I have a feeling I would like your wife! :-D

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I usually just look out of the window.

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^ Surprised you can see much through the bars

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Nah. It’s Florida. It’s December in Florida which means we’ll have highs in the low to mid 80s, and we can expect rain again in roughly March (save the odd cold front).

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I check it often, because I live in a place where the summer temperature at work can be 50 degrees different from where I live 26 miles away, and the temperature can move 30 degrees between lunch and four in the afternoon.

I get the news I need from the weather report.

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Still less than I could see through the gaps in your teeth.

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I don’t obsess over it, but I usually watch the news at 11 and pay attention to what the week is going to be like.

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Now that winter is here (and my fish pond decided to start leaking) I do look. I need to add water during the window when the temperature is above freezing. I could buy a 1 kW heated hose for $600 and not worry about it. But at that price I’m thinking those fish are better off as sushi.
I estimate the pond can go at least 2 weeks with no water added so I try to top it off whenever I can.

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The weather here is very changeable and I like to be aware of what is going on. It helps mr plan my day.

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Yes. I work outside so I care if it’s going to rain or snow.

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On my work days in the winter every freaking day, in the warmer parts of the year not so much.
But understand from where I start can be quite nice three hours north can be a raging blizzard with big chances of the road closing so I sorta have to check it in the winter.

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Every day? constantly!

I’m another weather junkie and I seem to know a lot of them in real life. We talk about weather. My father knows details of weather channel people’s lives.

I have a few friends who have the weather channel on 24/7 instead of music.

A work colleague can , at almost any moment, tell you what the next couple of hours forecast is – in detail . Then she goes into the next 24 hours.

We’re all nuts.

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Just saw @SQUEEKY2 ‘s comment. I worked for a trucking insurer for years. We had people assigned to monitor weather across North America at all times. We needed to know when to anticipate short term staffing adjustments. High winds in Colorado? I had to be on call and know which hospitals were open/accessible.

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Every single day.

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I need to know how to dress, and whether to carry an umbrella.

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Gaps in teeth, ahh, the classic cliche that says the Brits carry poor dental hygiene.
Must try harder next time, achtung…baby!

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Yep, sure do. Even before I put on my pants. Why? Because of Perla…my beloved dachshund…she and I go out every morning…after, of course, I am dressed…which, sometimes is before I pee. I need to know the temp and precipitation. Electronically. No, the damned window IS too far away. Perla has very short legs, as do all dachshunds and can’t, like cross her rear legs like, say a German Shepherd or even a pug.

Any other questions…??

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GA’s for everyone! I’m liking this fluff question today. Thanks for your answers.

@canidmajor I remember once reading you can tour NOAA in Miami certain times of the year. If you’re ever vacationing down there you might like that as a tourist attraction to consider.

@Seek Exactly.

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In the winter yes, summer not so much. Summer you can get the extended forecast of fucking hot for days on end, but winter here in the Sierra foothills is quite quirky and can change quickly.
A big rain storm is coming in this afternoon and tomorrow with high, potentially dangerous winds and a lot of precip. We also see snow here at times as well being right at the snowline.

I just checked the radar and minute cast here on Accuweather. I know I have about 2 hours before the first wave hits here. I like the minute cast feature because it tells me when the rain will stop or start and I can plan my outdoor chores accordingly. Feeding 5 horses in the driving rain is not fun. haha

The first row of paddocks has a covered breezeway but the second does not and towing the loaded hay wagon around in bad weather sucks. I have my rain gear, headlamp and slogger boots but still, nothing like a wet raincoat with hay fluff stuck all over you. It’s nice to be able to try and predict a break in the weather for those of us that have to be out in the elements rain, sleet, hair or snow because horses don’t wait well when its feeding time. lol

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I have to check every day in the morning so I know how to dress. Every day, when I go to work, I’m walking over half a km to the bus stop and waiting out for the bus and then I’m out with the kids in all sorts of weather for over an hour and then I’m going home via two busses, waiting out in what ever nature brings.

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I live in the Chicago area where the swings in weather and temperatures are wide and frequent which almost demands you check the weather daily if not more often. But I don’t as the weathermen have a lousy track record with their predictions and a mistake if you take them seriously. I look out the window each morning and let what I see be my guide. Only when traveling will I get serious about weather reports and I will go to NOAA for the latest.

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Rarely. I might look at the long range forecast if I’m going somewhere, and I might look at the BOM site to see how bad an incoming storm is going to be. Otherwise I look out of the window.

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In a northeastern city that can be delightfully balmy one day and snow logged the next—especially one I’m currently moving to this winter from a southern state? You bet!

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It’s very important that check the weather every day because I try to go canoe paddling every day. I live in Tacoma and need to know the temperature, precipitation, wind speed, icy conditions etc and I dress accordingly. I’ve been able to average 44 miles per week of canoe paddling. If I didn’t check the weather everyday I might not be here. I also check the tides for current directions. When in doubt I don’t go out.

FYI: I just checked my exercise journal and the record shows that this year I’ve nearly paddled an equivalent distance from LA, California to Hilo, Hawaii (2,285 miles). But I’ll get there by 12–31-16 and then some.

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I do. And I’ve always thought of that as an old-person thing. Oh God!!

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@MollyMcGuire Out of curiosity is that before or after you consult your Farmers Almanac?

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@Cruiser How do you know about my Almanac? ;)

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@MollyMcGuire I assumed it is the same as the one you sent me ;)

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I’m not checking the weather here right now, it’s pouring. Now I am checking the radar to see the big cells coming my way. haha

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All the time. Now I’m off to listen to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy in New York” for 2 or 3 times in a row.

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^^^ @rockfan link to the song in my post above.

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For much of the year I have to. I have to know if I need to cover every part of my body or I’ll freeze. But then I live somewhere where we can vary in temperature by 40 degrees in one day.

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Today is awesome after crazy rain and below freezing temps. Partly cloudy but a nice 60 degrees or so. I just finished cleaning my house for company and have all the doors and windows open while my floors are drying.

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From minus 16 to 30+F in just 2.5 days….only on Mars.

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