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Can we say goodbye to George Michael?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13069points) December 25th, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, another great has left us. George Michael (53) has died peacefully at home. So raise your glasses to George as he very beautifully and poignantly says goodbye One more time

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I guess it was his last christmas, eh.

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Hope he journeys well. RIP.

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His music was a big part of dancing in the 80’s. I admit it, I still burst into song if his music comes on the radio, as long as I’m alone in the car.
So sorry he had to go go.

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@ragingloli Given how 2016 has been, maybe he just wanted his freedom. He always was too funky for this world.

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Farewell to a beautiful man. RIP

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I wasn’t a massive fan, just not my thing, but there’s no denying his talent, he wrote Careless Whisper when he was 17, that’s right seventeen
WHAM…2016 strikes again, the fucker.

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^^Yeah..I like that song.. “Careless Whisper”..RIP George Michael!!

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Who stole my answer?

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Goodbye George, goodbye,
Enjoy that men’s restroom,
So celestially high in the sky. ;-)

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@WTF stole my answer

If the following shows up in your post, you’re toast!:

George taught us that dancing is way more important than shaving, and gave us the courage to go clubbing with facial shrubbery.

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He was the one behind my all-time favorite Careless Whisper.


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WHAT? I still have his yesteryear face on my mind. A fresh faced youth dancing away on stage. May he finally find the peace he could not seem to find in this dimension. So sorry.

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Noooo! I was hoping you were playing a horrible prank. So sad. 53 is still so young.

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George taught us that dancing is way more important than shaving, and gave us the courage to go clubbing with facial shrubbery.

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You and @Brian1946 have obviously developed hive brain @Incoherency_.Dance and impressive facial shrubbery are not bad legacies.

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Not so popular in the States for some reason but a great artist and a nice guy. I’ll raise a glass in his memory.

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Man, that guy had great range and made it look so easy. I was extremely impressed how he took that toilet scandal thing, finally burst out of the closet, then turned it all around into another success with an increased fan base. What a survivor.. The chronic substance abuse was tragic, but there is no denying that he had a voice. An amazing voice. RIP George.

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Hmm, more number 1 singles in the US charts (7) than in the UK (6)...suggests he was more than popular in the states.

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George had a great sense of humour & so in the spirit with which he would most likely have took it, here’s a quick gag

Apparently he died of an aggressive virus…it was a jitterbug :)

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2016 sucks.
Vaya con Dios George.

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R.I.P. George, your time came too soon.

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He’s never gonna dance again, but gained freedom through his fa…fai…fai…fa…faith.

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From what I’ve read “they” say he hadn’t been ill, so sudden heart failure? One never knows.

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I find it slightly interesting that TMZ had pictures earlier today supposedly of George Michael where they claimed he was grossly obese. I just looked and that picture is no longer on their site. I didn’t believe it was him when I saw it.

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@Coloma, one of my bosses left work one day, felt ill driving home and collapsed on the floor as he walked in the door. His heart just stopped. It happens. He was lucky that someone was there and he survived, but I certainly don’t think the cause of death is implausible. Over the years GM has certainly used illegal drugs that are likely to have affected his health. At least it sounds like he had a peaceful end.

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I’m almost exactly the same age as George Michael. I hate hearing about one of my guys going too soon. He was troubled. He reminds us beauty and money are not everything.

But by all accounts he was a good man and generous.

When I heard the news, the songs Faith and Freedom played through my head. Thanks, Michael! I love those songs!

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George Michael was brilliantly unflappably gay, and he was important to me for that. He was unrepentant, and that was important to all of us in the LGBTQ community. His death is hard to accept.

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