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Why is toothpaste sold in a box?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10206points) January 9th, 2017 from iPhone

Seems like a waste of packaging, are the tubes that prone to puncture?

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Maybe because things in boxes look aesthetically better? For me, they do at least.
Or maybe they just cannot fit all the health info, ingredients, and warnings on the tube.

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Not all toothpaste is sold in a box. Some is in upright standing plastic bottles. I buy those toothpaste containers personally. Tubes of toothpaste are sold in boxes so they don’t get squashed. Nobody would want to buy some pummeled tube. haha

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For the most part I think it would have to do with shipping.

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So that no one can poison the paste without opening the box. Remember the Tylenol poisonings?

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tubes dont stack well on a grocery shelf. Boxes do.

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Because a naked tube of toothpaste on a store shelf will look like a crushed bruised banana in no time and nobody would buy it. Marketing 101.

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Tradition: toothpaste comes/came in otherwise delicate foil tubes. The box was to protect the contents in shipping.

They also stack better on store shelves. :-)

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The plastic tubes aren’t that tough so not all of them would survive the shipping without the box.

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It’s easier to pack and transport them if they’re rectangular.

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Besides all the good observations about stacking and storing, the box provides some measure of tamper evidence.
You don’t want to buy a tube of toothpaste that has been tampered with because a nefarious person could have poisoned it.

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You spit toothpaste out. I doubt it gets a box because of tampering. That’s a beneficial externality.

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@Ltryptophan I doubt you could spit potassium cyanide out fast enough. You can try. I’ll let you!

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I hate to be one of those really annoying pedantic people but (there’s always a but)... I thought potassium cyanide was only toxic after it reacted with the acid in the stomach. Wasn’t that how Rasputin avoided dying from it? Because he had really low stomach acid?

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The tubes have to be kept clean. Not sterile but clean. It’s not over packaging. Cardboard box is a better idea than some sort of plastic crap.

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Besides if someone is set on poisoning people with toothpaste I doubt they’ll let a box stop them. It’s only a minor deterrent from that sort of evil.

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@Lightlyseared When was the last time you brushed your teeth and didn’t swallow a little bit? And could everyone using the stuff rinse well enough??

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True but the LD50 (dose required 50%) of fluoride is about 900mg compared to potassium cyanides 300mg so its pretty similar to what’s already in toothpaste.

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To keep people from opening them up and also to stay safe so no one can tamper with it.

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