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For those of you, who have pets, would you be willing to be turned into pet food to be consumed by your pets, after you die?

Asked by ragingloli (45321points) January 14th, 2017

Operating assumption being that it would be legal.
Give reasons for your answer.

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No. My fish have never like meat.

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No, as there’s almost no manner of death that would leave me behind as healthy meat. Not worth poisoning my animals.

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I guess a blanket could be made from my skin so I’d still be hugging my dog even beyond the grave. If it ate me it would probably have horrible shits as if they are not bad enough already. I would not wish that on whoever is caring for her.

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Sure. Once I am gone, I could care less what happens to my body.

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being useful at least for once..that will be perfect description for

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My dog does not eat pet food, so no.
I also have some other plans for my dead body.

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Hmm, you didn’t put this in general as per usual.
Our staff are our pets & while they often lick our arse in search of yet another pay rise, eating our arses is, I hope, a step too far for their liking.

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No. My cat is already too chubby.

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Yes. They can bury my bones after the dog has gnawed them clean.

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I only have five goldfish. It would take them forever to get through me.

But as a idea I don’t think this is a bad one. It is so good I am going to submit it to Y Combinator and see if I can get some sweet VC money for another horrible idea. is available for 18 bucks a year.

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If they could turn me into dry kibble <shrug> sure. Don’t forget to add carrots and cranberries so the dog will actually try it. No corn or wheat meal.

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