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Suppose that the phone rang at Obama's new house, and the caller-ID said Oval Office. It was Donald Trump calling to ask for advice. If you were Obama, would you answer?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) January 25th, 2017

Would you answer?

Would you help?

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Of course! I might not like it or the caller, but it would be the right thing to do, even to satisfy one’s conscience.

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I can’t imagine Trump ever calling me (Obama) for any reason other than to brag that his inaugural attendance was higher. But if he did, I’d have the class to answer.

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With Trumps full frontal assault on Obama’s policies I can’t imagine the call would be seeking policy advice. Probably wanting to know which butler consistently gives the best shoe shine or which teaching golf pro has White House access clearance.

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I would not be as nice about it as Mr. Obama has been.

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Yes, I believe he would answer the phone. His concern would be for the welfare of the country and he would put that before any personal likes or dislikes.

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Sure. Just to smirk if he was asking advice.

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I think he would. I just think Trump’s pride would prevent the call from ever occurring.

He’d probably call Putin first.

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He has to, he said as much t’other day when they were at that daft inauguration ball thing.
If I was him I would defo answer, come on Don, give us a laugh.

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“With Trumps full frontal assault on Obama’s policies I can’t imagine the call would be seeking policy advice.”—Cruiser

LOL. I agree. It would more than likely be Trump calling Obama concerning who to talk to down at the NSA about getting the nuclear launch codes because the guys who dispense them are afraid to answer their phones when they see the White House caller ID.

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I really do believe that every President has an obligation to give the next guy what he feels is the best and most productive advice possible. If I were Obama, I don’t care what the question would be from DT. The first words out of my mouth would be: “For God’s sake PLEASE shut the fuck up! There are some things and opinions you MUST keep to yourself.” But you know the great one must have heard this before from many many people who think much better of him than Obama ever could.

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I would play back this clip.

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I’d be glad. That would be a good sign.

If he decided to swallow his pride and call his political opponent whose administrations he was against the whole time, and ask him for advice and help, it would show that he is ready to take any measurement to do his job well, and also that he respects the person whose job he took. For the first time, he’d show some positive trait.

If I were there, I’d help. It would be trashy of me not to.

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I think Obama said as much, that he would be happy to help. Obama is more likely to answer than Trump is to call however, which is a pity.

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Of course. It would be incredibly shitty, and petty, for any former president to refuse to speak to the current president.

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And how do we guess that Trump will treat his successor?—especially if it’s after only one term?

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@Jeruba I fully expect Trump would bulldoze the White House with illegal laborers just to say F’u to who ever is taking over and all those who did not re-elect him.

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Have not yet read the other answers, will do so after posting.

Get psychiatric help now! Run, don’t walk! And resign immediately.

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