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How long will it be until countries in the Middle East will start closing their borders to all Americans? How long will it be until Germany (as an example) closes its border to Jews?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28472points) January 30th, 2017

We’re walking down a very dangerous road.

How long will it be until other countries figure out they can play the same game as Trump?

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Like any Jew would go to Germany…

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Also, he isn’t the first one to come up with it. Hungary closed its borders for the refugees long ago. And he is not some puppeteer nor political idol to be followed.

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@Sneki95 Many Jews do go to Germany and most Jews are so far welcomed there.

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While much of this does feel like the 1930’s, it’s not. It’s a new twist on an old theme. Other countries have been doing this and we don’t approve of it there, either. We don’t approve of what Israel has done to the Palestinian people. That’s one hell of an wall of inhumanity and it’s only getting worse. If walls worked, it would have solved all the problems there years ago and it hasn’t. It’s xenophobia, plain and simple. As the poor get poorer, it will be used more and more as a tool of the wealthy and powerful to keep the general population scared and controlled. If you support these measures that are taken, where ever, then you have become part of the tool, essentially a puppet.

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Following Trump’s logic we wouldn’t have accepted any refugees from Nazi Germany. I hope no country copies this very bad example.

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And just so we’re clear, many more Iraqis and Afghani have died from American bombshells and probably Syrians too, if you lump what Putin dropped in the name of ‘cooperation ’. So if any countries have a need to restrict the movements of people from another country, well, we should be more objective. The ‘war on terror ’ is being fought in their back yard. ( and on top of their schools and hospitals…).–-supporting-syrian-doctors-besieged-and-intense-conflict-areas

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The US military said recently they reckon to have killed 50,000 in Iraq and Syria in the last couple of years. And how many people have been killed in America by refugees from Trump’s seven countries? I think it’s zero. If there was ever a case of being frightened by your own reflection.

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@flutherother Fearmongering and exaggeration of threats is a tool of repression.

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