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Kansas City or St. Louis?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) February 13th, 2017

To see the eclipse I’m flying to Missouri and I can fly into either Kansas City or St. Louis and spend a few extra days there. Which is better to see and why?

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Well St. Louis is much closer to the point of longest totality. It appears that both cities lie right on the outer edge of the zone of totality.

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Kansas City. Better museums, great food.

It’s a smaller and more pleasant town.

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Kansas City has better barbecue.

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Darth, we already have our place picked out in the middle of the state which is equidistant from both Kansas City and St. Louis. So I can fly into either place.

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St. Louis has better pig brains, so I’d go to K.C. for the barbecue.

The Harry Truman Library and Museum is nearby if that is of interest.

My great-grandfather ran the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence. The current hotel was built in 1925, he owned the previous one rebuilt after the pro-confederate Quantrill’s Raiders sacked the town and killed 180 people for keeping slavery out of Kansas.

I haven’t been, but the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in KC MO looks worth a visit.

Since you’re there for an eclipse and you’re headed for the middle of the state, I am guessing you already know about the Cosmosphere space museum.

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What is most important to you? KC IMO would be an easier airport to navigate, but the drive west out of SL would IMO be more scenic than the flat plains of western MO. Both will have good eats and museums. Which one will be the least costly to fly to and rent a car? My guess would be KC. Is one a direct flight or involve layover or connecting flights (Something I avoid like the plague)

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Hi Cruiser, I am interested in the more interesting city to spend 3 days. Cost is a secondary issue. Thanks!

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Jay, thanks! We are actually going to Missouri not Kansas so the space museum isn’t an option. But thanks!

I’ll look at your other links when I get home and off my iPhone.

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Doh! Middle of Missouri of course, what was I thinking.

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Wichita is best of all…...

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@Rarebear I would then without hesitation pick St Louis. I have been to a lot of states and cities specifically for trade shows and the only thing memorable about KC was the wind….I mean near gale force winds on a nice day. Usually any city I have been to I rate them on things you must see and do while there and KC had near zero. St Louis has great architecture, museums, restaurants, the Arch, if you are into baseball I hear is an amazing place to take in a game. The Mighty Mississippi is a sight in it’s own right. Plus the drive west to your eclipse will be a ton more interesting. Just MHO.

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I would say St. Louis, but I need to admit I’ve never spent time in Kansas City. St. Louis has good restaurants, museums, the arch. Definitely stuff to do to fill a few days.

A couple things to consider, south of Kansas City are the beautiful Ozark mountains. I don’t know when the eclipse is? The Ozarks are better during the warm months. It just depends if you would even want to drive outside of the city.

Lastly, I’ll throw out Memphis if you can be a little south. Great museums and live music. Just 1.25 hours west you are in Little Rock and the Clinton Library is great. There’s more in Memphis, but Ill just hold on to it all since this wasn’t in the original choices.

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We are staying in the lake of the ozarks for a week before the eclipse.

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Ah. Ok, then you have that covered. If you choose Kansas City, Springfield, MO is on the way if I remember correctly. It’s a cute college town, good place for lunch a little walk afterwards. It’s also home to either the first, or the largest (or was the largest) Bass Pro store. I can’t remember exactly it’s claim to fame. If you like outdoors stores it’s a sort of a tourist attraction.

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Hmmm. We may just be camping in that area ‘bout that time!

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St. Louis.

The Cardinals play the Padres August 22–24.

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I’ll be fishing @blackbetty.

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@blackbetty Sweet! Thanks! I’ve been a Padres fan since 1969,

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