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How has Fluther helped you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17705points) February 16th, 2017

I am finding myself less insane and lonely over time. You?

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In 2011 I lived at home and got 3 surgeries while all my friends went off to their freshman years at college. I pretty much only had my parents and Fluther during this most miserable year of my life. Y’all helped me considerably.

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It has aided me in my undaunting quest to scatter the seed of laughter across the interwebz & reach out to the far flung nations in this crazy place we call Fluther.
Laced with sarcasm & a touch of elitism of course, I mean, we English have our reputations to think of don’t you know.

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@Mariah You have helped a lot of us realize how precious life is and to be thankful for our health.

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It has helped me greatly understand perspectives of people I don’t exactly agree with. It’s a place where like-minded people chat about stuff that matters. We mostly respect each other, good luck finding that on the internet anywhere else.

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I met some real cool people from across the planet, that I wouldn’t have met any other way.

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Yes, the other members have helped me out on several questions of a technical nature, given me insight into various health related issues of myself and family, helps provide other perspectives on personal issues and gives me a place to vent when I am drunk upset.

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It helped me confirm and strengthen my anti-colonialism and sense of superiority.

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I got a great recipe for minestrone soup from Fluther. I was given a new way to hook my speakers up to my computer which has worked great ever since. I have been introduced to some new films and books. Mostly though it has been a way of sharing thoughts and experiences with people from all over the world and with all sorts of backgrounds. And it is free.

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Fluther helped me grow up and be the person I am now. It also helped me realize that I’m not a worthless person that people made me believe.

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Many years back, a Jelly here inspired me to take up ceramics something I thoroughly enjoy now.

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I’ve gotten to know some great online friends from all over the world. Florida, Australia, California, upstate, all over, too many places to name.

For the most part, other Jellies are supportive of each other. I really enjoy the time I spend on this site. This along with Facebook are the two sites I visit most often. I enjoy both equally but in different ways.

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I made some friends here, and I really value their friendship.

I’ve learned an incredible amount from the collective. Everything from technology, politics, history, the list goes on and on.

It gives me a place to have serious conversations, most people in real life can’t or don’t want to discuss difficult topics.

I have had a lot of fun being here. The most recent funny Q was a broccoli tree for fish.

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