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Can anyone locate the question from a long time ago where some Jellies posted recordings of their voices?

Asked by janbb (57151points) February 17th, 2017

As asked. I’m looking for it and can’t find it; think it was three or four years ago maybe.

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Aha – “accent” was the key word to use, not “voice.” Smacks head with a wet fish, “Shame on you, so-called Penguin Librarian!”

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There was one a long time ago where @richardhenry shared his voice. He was from London and oh so sexy! He is no longer a member.

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haha…that was the night I drank some wine and posted my phone number for a few minutes and talked with 3 or 4 jellies, so fun!

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This isn’t about Jellies specifically, but about accents generally.

Has anyone ever taken this quiz about colloquialisms?

My own results were eerie. The quiz is so accurate, it narrowly located exactly where I’d been born and raised.

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@Love_my_doggie I tried the quiz. It was very far off, but it’s really not surprising. I have lived all over the world among many different kinds of English speakers. My own way of speaking is very different than when I was much younger.

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I took it twice and it froze up at the end both times.
edit: It finally worked. It said I was from a state that is next to mine. So, yes, pretty accurate.

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@Love_my_doggie I did that and my brother did and it located us very accurately. Just took it again and it put me right between Yonkers, NY and Philadelphia which is pretty much where I am.

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I took it and it accurately determined my city.


A berm is what we call a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street.

We pronounce the first syllable of lawyer as boy.

We pronounce caramel using 3 syllables.

I don’t know of any drive-through liquor stores in this area.

We have no word for the night before Halloween.

Our term for a “traffic jam caused by drivers slowing down to look at an accident or other diversion on the side of the road” is spectator-slow-down, which isn’t on the list.

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Wow. It got me. It said Yonkers, New York, Patterson I am actually from the Island. 30 miles East. Close enough.

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@LuckyGuy Want to share a sub with me while we are rubbernecking catty-corner across the island at the accident?

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I’m so glad that recording of me expired!

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Wow. I just took that quiz.
Of the cities it named, I lived in one, but I already had all those same answers before moved there.
Where I grew up shows in or near red for each question, but none of the named cities fall anywhere near where I grew up.

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I got Yonkers NY and Patterson NJ which is very accurate because I grew up in Yonkers NY.

I took this once before (I think I may have been the one that originally shared it to Fluther) but I am not sure what my results were then.

Yonkers NY accent is very similar to The Bronx. “How ya doin?”

Times I’ve gone upstate (NY) for work or whatever, we’d test each other to see how we all prounounce words like “mall” and “coffee” and “dog.” I say “mawl” and “caw-fee” and “dawg.” They rhyme those words with “cog.” I asked one of my friends to pronounce “gaudy” and she pronounced it “gotti.” I said “no, that’s John Gotti, not gaudy.” haha

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That might be a fun idea to revisit. My group in Second Life, when we meet up, we’ll often change from typing to voice chat. It’s interesting to hear people’s voices.

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@chyna. The results take a while. While the quiz is calculating a person’s results, the screen appears to be frozen. There isn’t a flashing “please wait” notice or anything like that. As you learned, though, if you wait a minute or two, you do get your output and a really fun blue-and-red map.

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I remember taking part in one but it was in my old house and I moved in 2011. So there’s one at least before @SavoirFaire‘s list. I’m going to search for it.

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That was fun! The quiz’s map showed up “hottest” overall around the area I live, but the individual cities it named were pretty inaccurate.

I had a hard time with some of the answers because I wanted to select multiple choices, but couldn’t, so I don’t know what choosing my alternative responses would’ve gotten me

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To all of you who took the NYT quiz and got very accurate results, let’s share.

My own results said that I’m from Providence, Boston, or the few miles between. I was born in Providence, and I grew up in the town of Cumberland RI, about halfway between the two cities.

Yeah, scary… Who knew that words such as “bubbler” (a water-drinking fountain), “rotary” (a traffic circle), or “grinder” (a big sandwich) could be so telling?

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Mine said that I live in the Los Angeles area, and I’ve been living there for almost 62 years.

I lived in Canada for the first 8 years of my life before we moved here, so LA is my only US area of reference.


When I was in the US Navy, we were stationed in Newport from 1969–1972. Since I was held in cultural confinement aboard the USS Yarnell then, the only term I learned outside of those of my hometown was the Naval term for drinking fountain, which was scuttlebutt.

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The quiz gave me Newark and Yonkers. I’m from Staten Island, NY originally, so that works for me.

Doesn’t everyone call the evening of October 30th Mischief Night?

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@Seek Apparently not.

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It picked my city. That’s a little scary.

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Oh, totally weird. That quiz picked up the places where my PARENTS grew up rather than any place where I’ve actually lived. I must get most of my dialect from them.

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It didn’t work for me. So parochial…

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@Stinley Think it’s just a US test.

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The similarity map to the left of the question panel, is of the 50 US states and no other countries.

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Pretty sure that @Stinley was joking, y’all.

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