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How do I find a friend on fluther?

Asked by DevilDiva (197points) August 8th, 2008

I have friends from another site here. I would like to talk to them on here as well.

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You can search for them, if they are using the same name (and most of them are!) or you can try finding one of them through search (say, Poppet) and then using their profile to find all the others.

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Find more other friends :)

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You can’t unless you know their Fluther screen name!

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Hang out and participate for a while and you might find them. You might even make some new ones. Welcome to Fluther!

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You can search for their Fluther user name. If you’re from the site I think you’re from then you can go to marissa‘s profile, she’s added a bunch of them to her Fluther and you can find them from there and add them to your own Fluther. Welcome and have fun!

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Here is one popping in to say Hello to you! And there are many on mine and Marissa’s pages (click my avatar) BTW< Hi Dee

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I just love happy endings!!! (sniff!)

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Yeah Happy endings is quite a delicious sundae from Friendly’s isn’t it?

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Ooo! THAT sounds mighty good!!!

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comes free with any chicken strip basket dinner

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enjoy your stay and meet new people.

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