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Are you still in love with reading newspapers?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) March 2nd, 2017 from iPhone

I have been reading The Washington Post for 17 years now. The first 10 years everyday and the next 7 at least 3 times a week.

There have been many times when I felt reading it is pointless. Same old same old. Yet still, at the end of each day or that week, I know I need to stay connected with the world that is outside the sphere of the internet.

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Yes. I have been a subscriber to the San Francisco Chronicle since I moved back to the Bay Area in in 1980. I read it every day unless I am travelling.

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Yes. I get the Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester NY. I also read The Economist.
I feel like my money supports independent journalism.

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No. I read my local paper online on occasion but haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in the last 20 something years now. I used to faithfully read the morning paper for years but after my ex husband and I moved to a 10 acre property where the mailbox and newspaper box was about a 5 minutes walk all uphill, to collect the morning paper we just argued over who was going to walk/drive to retrieve it in the morning.haha
Online news has replaced paper news for me 100%. I do get Nat. Geo and Smithsonian magazines that I look forward to every month.

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Yes, I read the NY Times daily in paper, and a couple of other papers online.

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I enjoy reading from a printed newspaper sometimes, but I wouldn’t say I was in love with it.

The quality of the reporting, and my regard for it, has sharply declined over the decades, as journalists have become more and more beholden to corporate forces. If there were a newspaper I actually respected, I would be more interested. I do frequently buy a local independent not-all-for-profit newspaper which covers issues from a humane independent perspective and which helps struggling people. It has detailed stories I am interested in and which I wouldn’t tend to hear about from other sources. However even then, I often don’t take the time to read it, as my reading list is long and I’m a methodical reader, so I tend to choose whittling away at my reading list before reading a paper.

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I get a newspaper delivered to my house every morning and have for at least 35 years. I would hate to not have one.

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I love reading the paper on our porch up at the lake house. That and books as I make every effort to avoid going on line or turning on the TV when I am there.

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I have never been much of a newspaper reader. I used to have a paper route back in the day and I also worked in a magazine shop for a while and every time I would touch the newspapers, I’d break out in hives and get itchy all over. I think I have a sensitivity or an allergy to the paper or the ink.
I subscribe to the NY Times online and I do read a lot of news articles, but I am not a habitual paper reader by any means.

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I still like to, but I no longer subscribe.

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I had almost given up reading newspapers but I have recently begun reading and buying ‘The Herald’ and ‘The Guardian’ on a fairly regular basis though I haven’t as yet subscribed to either.

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I skim. I read the front page stuff, skip the sports, glance through to see if there is anything else of interest, read Dear Abby, and I’m done.

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As a kid, in the 70s, I loved getting the Sunday Boston Globe. Looked forward to it all week. Even as a kid, I looked through all of it and read most of it.

When I started driving, I switched to getting my news on the radio (first WBZ-AM, then WBUR-FM).

Now, I’ve been getting my news almost exclusively online for about the last five years.

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I keep thinking about cutting down on my subscription to New York Times but looking at it is a big part of my morning routine. Even if I can’t stand the news on the front page, there is usually something compelling in it somewhere I want to read.

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Not read one for years

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Yes. The local is shite, but I read from several national ones regularly (online, don’t really bother with print anymore).

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I read the NY Times online when I can (usually on work days). I love the NY Times in printed form, especially on Sundays, but I don’t buy it because I hardly have a chance to read it. I’ve tried subscribing to it on Saturdays and Sundays (what they call “The Weekender”) but I had constant delivery problems. I emailed them about the issues, called them repeatedly to the point where it was more bother than it was worth. Frankly it was annoying, not only because I felt ignored but because I know they need subscribers and here I was, an unhappy subscriber and I got no assistance.

That’s about the only paper I read on a regular basis. I read the local paper when there’s something significant. I do this online too.

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I don’t get time to read print versions of newspapers these days. I do enjoy reading print media content. I subscribe to the online versions of newspapers, the NY Times, the SMH and The Guardian. I check out a number of other news sites that circulate other print media content.

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Thanks much jellies!

It is a recurring feeling for me, one I always feel gratitude for whenever I read great articles besides news, these truly amazing essays about a person or event in the past and the astute incisive analyses along with it.

Interesting, funny, tragic, transcendent stories in articles that I would never have had the chance of discovering otherwise.

Thank heavens for writers and newspapers!

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Also I use the physical paper:
to light my wood burning stove
as a place to dump coffee grounds
to wrap vegetable peelings
to be a backdrop for spray painting
to catch oil drips

It is very useful.

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Yes! I also use newspapers sometimes to clean linoleum floors instead of paper towels.

I do try to control collecting newspaper sections with articles I intend to read again at some point. Getting harder and I sure don’t want to hoard.

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I use newspapers to clean windows and the glass door on my wood burning stove.

In case of a medical disaster a newspaper can be rolled and tied off to act as a splint for broken bones. I was also taught that an unopened newspaper can be used as a sterile surface in case of an emergency in the field. (I have no data on this and fortunately never needed to use the technique.)

I keep some in my car to use as a fire starter if I ever need it.

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